At The Launch of Pastor Akintola Samuel’s New Book, “How To Find The Right Person To Marry” In Lagos

By Michael Effiong

Dashing man of God, Pastor Akintola Samuel has launched a book that will open a vista’s for all those aspiring to enter the institution of marriage.
Titled, How To Find The Right Person To Marry, the book was launched at an intellectually-stimulating ceremony at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) hall, Alausa Ikeja.

Before the launch there were panel sessions were discussants dissected marriage, it’s highpoints and pitfalls.

Pastor Akintola Samuel

The official launch was conducted by Pastor Mayokun Oreofe midst a lot of glitz.
According to the author, he was moved to write because ” The greatest need of every relationship is not romance, it is knowledge. How much you enjoy your marriage will be dependent on how much relevant and applicable knowledge has been acquired before you make a lifetime commitment.

“However, knowledge becomes most valuable when it is acquired before it is needed. The best time to get the requisite knowledge for marital success is before you walk down the aisle.

Cross-section of the audience

Do you know that marriage is the only institution where you are given a certificate before you write exams?

He spoke further “69% of all divorce is initiated by women. 20% of first marriages end up in divorce. 50% of second marriages end up in divorce. 75% of third marriages end up in divorce. 60% of marriages end up in divorce within 1-3 years. 54.85% of marriages in the US. 46% of marriages in Europe. 54% of marriages in Sweden. At least 60% of marriages in Nigeria end up in one form of separation or the other. The lifespan of the average relationship today is 3-5 months.

Mrs Funke Kumapayi, Pastor Fikayo Adeyinka & Mrs Ayodeji Megbope

“Even though liars use statistics, statistics don’t lie; they reveal to you the current happenings and things that would otherwise have been hidden from you.

Someone once said “A wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made, so choose your prison mate carefully and sentence yourself wisely so as to avoid prison break.”


“The fact that two people are living under the same roof does not mean they are living in the same world. Most Nigerians while still in the marriage are simply enduring their relationship and not enjoying it. Many are emotionally frustrated and psychologically cut off from their spouse. Don’t let that happen to you.

“God’s will is that you have a home and also a relationship full of bliss. In this book you will discover practical steps to finding and keeping your dream spouse. If you will receive, embrace and put to practice the truths in this book, I can guarantee you that no demon hatched out of hell can stop you from having a happy home.

Mrs Ayodeji Megbope, OluremiSAN, Mrs Abimbola Akinwunmi & Pastor Mrs Mayokun Oreofe

Pastor Samuel is a Relationship Therapist, Management Consultant, Workplace Psychologist, Conference Speaker and a Pragmatic Teacher. He is the founder of The Romance Academy, where he equips singles and married with pragmatic tools and strategies for building successful marriages and relationships.

He is also Founder of THE GATEWAY; an excellence driven Christian-Faith community in Lagos Nigeria, committed to changing lives and raising leader labels in every industry and field of play. He’s passionately obsessed with helping career people and business owners make it big in the marketplace.

Michael Effiong James, Editor, Ovation International Magazine & Pastor Akintola Samuel

He is blissfully married to Oluremi, fondly known as OluremiSAN (Senior Alaga of Nigeria), Nigeria’s Foremost Sociocultural Entrepreneur, CEO of Strictly Weddings and Dean of Strictly Weddings Academy. Together they co-host LOVE LOUNGE LIVE and LOVE LOUNGE Online; a weekly online relationship and marriage talk show. They currently live in Lagos, Nigeria. Connect with him on Instagram @akintolasamuel.

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