Prolific Writer, Toni Kan Celebrates Dad at 75

By Olasumbo Otagbo

The old cliché, teachers’ reward is in heaven is fast becoming outdated as teachers are now being celebrated in various ways. One of these was witnessed recently at the 75th birthday celebration of Mr. Louis Zulu Onwordi, popularly called ‘The Master’, the Father of prolific writer, Toni Kan.

Celebrant with close friend, Mr. Mike Chijide

The birthday reception, which was held at Temple Preparatory School, Ilupeju, Lagos, was a convocation of friends, family and old students who have made it to the top echelon of their various professional callings.

The celebration kick started with a call by the happy celebrant for all to join him to show gratitude to God in a session of praise songs, which was anchored by Nollywood actor, Arinze Okonkwo.

Celebrant with some of his students

One after another, the elated guests testified of how the ‘Master’ has impacted them in numerous ways. His immediate family members were not left out as they expressed their thanks to him for training them through schools. In the same vein, the students who have passed through him affirmed that they are what they are today because of his relentless efforts as a teacher at St. Anthony Secondary School, Ubuluku, Delta State.

Though 75, the celebrant shows different skills to the songs of Hi-life musical band, Afro Funk Collection to the delight of all present.

The host went all out to ensure various mouthwatering dishes and choice drinks were available while the event lasted.

Toni Kan with Victor Ehikhamenor

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