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Awakening the Giant Within You: Arise and Shine!



By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“What do you do? How do you do it? You have got to add something to that which makes you unique; It is called carving a niche for yourself, as this helps you to do the ordinary things in extraordinary ways!” –Tolulope A. Adegoke, Ph.D., FIMC, CMC, CMS, CIV, MNIM

What are you into? What are you selling? Is it real estate? You had better asked God by prayer to give you a revelation that would make your company a rare one. Are you a lawyer? Ask God for a real revelation about legal services…become specialized also by studying and working hard for it! The Angel said to Mary about Jesus Christ in the Book of life (Luke 1:31) “His name shall be called Jesus, for He shall save people from sin.” That’s simply specialization. He would have only one job, He was named what His job is. That means, His area of specialization is “salvation”. That’s why Christ was so successful while on Earth, He stayed with His focus.

You were created with the seed of influence on the inside. The seed is in you, and that’s the gift from God Almighty, The Maker. You will never get your greatness from EDUCATION alone! Education cannot give you a seed, but can only refine the seed you have on the inside. That’s why it is important to know and understand your purpose, so that you can take the right education.

Your seed is in you, already. Every one of you reading this article right now were born with a unique seed. Some people may not believe this, and that why I have got to prove to you that Trees never take their fruits to the market. I have never seen a Mango or Apple tree run you down to give you its fruits or seeds. The Mango or Apple tree simply brings forth its fruits, and the market comes to the tree for harvest.

As at 2007, My Mentor of Blessed Memory, Dr. Myles Monroe said, he had over 700 invitations to speak from different countries of the world for the year 2008. These people went looking for him on a little Island, miles wide, because he refined a seed in several ways and terms, by reading voraciously, listening to tapes and CDs of master (mentor or teacher) in his areas of interests and calling, and ends up using theirs better than they had it. But some people might end up saying, I am not going to live like him, but that’s your personal issue, but why not learn from master (mentor or teacher) who had lived, who are living and who would still live, and then make it better than they (ever) did it.

Whatever made great men to be “what” or “who” they were or are today, were learned from other master (mentor or teacher) or professionals who had lived, but the way by which they release it is under their individual unique gifts. That’s why you must break your ego per time to consistently learn from others, listen to relevant tapes and CDs, read books and articles in your areas of interests and callings, because your “tree” alone will never make a forest! Your little knowledge alone can’t give your wishes a ‘kingdom’ of its own in this generation. Above all things, you must learn to sit at the feet of Master (mentor or teacher)s directly or indirectly to lean and learn from their wealth of experiences. Closely or from afar by studying their beings via their deeds or “products” that comes in form of books, tapes or CDs, write-ups and results or influence!

Drop your ego! it won’t take you farther than you are; learn to live on the shoulders of giants to become relevant across nations and all through generations. It doesn’t matter being like them, what matter most is knowing “what” they know or knew so that you can know and act (do) better. And, truly, this is the authentic meaning of the principal thing called underSTANDING – you must firstly stay under, learn under and lean under, earn under a Master (mentor or teacher) or a giant before you can be trusted enough to stand on their shoulders to be greater than them, in all things, and among all beings (it is called a track-record). Listen to top minds in your areas of calling and harden not your heart – give entrance to the teachings that comes from them to you. Listen and absorb these teachings and make it sound like yours in your own unique ways according to the anointing or gifting which are embedded in you! this is called research – that is, searching deep into what had been searched, before. Then the world would pay you to hear it over and over again. And while you watch films or programmes on the Cable TVs, great men are busy studying, listening to tapes and CDs. Be kind to yourself enough not to be trapped by (irrelevant) TV programmes and other ideals that doesn’t edify your spirit man nor favour your course or beings or purpose.

Reconstruct yourself with the right “knowledge” (light) – you must know relevant things in this current age, so as to have an edge for ages to come. You can’t release what you have not eaten and digested, you cannot give what you don’t have! Be true to yourself, be wise, not just for yourself, but also for those that are dying for the seeds or gift that you carry, which you have carelessly or ignorantly failed or refused to refine and release. Permit me to say that Cable TV is a ‘thief’, it steals your time and controls your emotion. You have got to manage that remote control of yours, otherwise, it will manage your life!

Refine your fruits, and people would come searching for you… you will be found! The remaining part of this year (2022) is loaded with power, influence and double celebrations. If you are going to influence, you have got to find your gift, and those who need it would come and find you. For instance, when you want Mango or Apple, you have got to locate the trees which produces or carries them. How then does an Apple or Mango tree become one? Paul in the Bible says, “forget about the former things, you have got to forget about some things and some people”. Don’t be emotional about your destiny, but be intentional! One of the major secrets is found in the Book of Genesis 1:26-28. God created you in His Own Image, and said unto you:

i.                   Be Fruitful

ii.                 Multiply

iii.              Replenish

iv.               Subdue, and have dominion over all the earth.


i.                   God said, “Be Fruitful”! He never said be “seed-ful”! He knew He had already deposited the seeds in you, when He formed you. It is impossible to be fruitful unless you have seeds in you. it is seeds that brings forth fruits. The word ‘fruitful’ in the Hebrew word means to be productive. It doesn’t mean to have babies, alone. To produce means to be fruitful. To produce comes from life. The factories, manufacturing companies, shopping malls are mostly relevant because of their productivities from their production department, without it, all other department are dead areas. If you eat those nylon packs, cans, they will only kill you. it is the seeds which are packaged in those cans and bags that gives life. To be fruitful is the first ACT of God! That means, you must produce something after your kind, based on the seeds that you carry within you. It is a command to fulfil as human beings.

ii.                 Multiply – This means that, you have to reproduce what you produce.

iii.              Replenish means to distribute your fruits or gifts. Don’t keep them to yourself.

iv.               Subdue – this means to dominate the areas of your gifts.

Mr. Bill Gate, is a worthy exemplar in this context. He followed these procedures so effectively, which caused the entire government of America to come against him to break up his company. Bill Gate produced a fruit called the Microsoft Software, then he multiplied it, later distributed it, by replenishment, until he was able to subdue the market and control all systems to the point that the Congress had to call him to break the company. No one could have such power over America or the world. He became a dominated spirit. He dominated the world of software. He followed God’s plan and principles for mankind.

Whoever dominates, influences in their field or areas of calling. Inside of you is a fruit trapped in the seed that you carry, and that seed must bring forth the tree carrying your fruits, then, you are charged to multiply your fruits, so that it can be distributed, afterwards you can subdue your area of gifting. Here’s when you become known for something. You have become a brand of the “seed” that you carry to influencing your world!

As stated by the late Dr. Myles Monroe, “please ‘die’ after you are known for something!” To ‘die’ in this context means Self-discipline which requires isolation and processes in order to manifest and trejuvenate!

What are you known for? You have got a lot of work to do, if you haven’t found purpose. When you hear the name Michael Jordan, what come to your mind? Basket-Ball! Tiger Woods is known for Golf! Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are known for Football, the late Dr. Myles Monroe was known for “Purpose Driving Life”, infact he was awarded in America with a trophy labelled Mr. purpose! Oprah Winferey is known for Talk Shows! Please, kindly as yourself, what am you known for? Please work on something, so hard and so smart in the year 2022, such that it becomes your name or identity! That’s simply your assignment. You will never find a Mango tree trying to produce Apple! They stay with their seeds. They produce after their kind. It stays with its germ, and germinates what it is. Human are the only creatures that brings forth all kind of things, anybody know what to pick from them. They are one thing today, and something else tomorrow. What exactly do you do? What exactly are you good at, such that you effortlessly command dominion in that area? Develop it! That’s your calling.

The keys to bearing fruits in this generation for generations are:

i.                   The Seed must first be in the “right environment” (Location). choose your association wisely! Locate your place, settle in there and invest, as did Isaac in the Book of life (Genesis 26:12).

ii.                 Isolation: If you desire to become great, then you must practice the law of isolation. Isolate or separate yourself from friends that are wired to end your destiny! For a seed to become a tree, it must first be taken away from the earth and hidden under the ground for “incubation”. When they ask you, where have you been? Tell them, you have been studying! How come you no longer go to parties? Tell them, you have been listening to relevant tapes and CDs that develops the king in you to manifest in your areas of purpose on earth. Isolation aide germination. Every single seed must die for it to germinate. To ‘die’ means self –discipline. You die to friends, old habits, old association, old club life – cut them off! To develop yourself, you must be intentional, not emotional! A seed will not become a tree until it dies! Many people are poison, please beware! Help your destiny to move with those that carry the value that your destiny need to function and develop or manifest with! Light beget light! Follow after your cravings! If you are stupid, don’t follow stupid people. Don’t roll with the kind of people you will never deem fit to hire to grow higher! In 2022, you have got to change some of your friends.

iii.              Germinate – every seed must germinate. This means that, you must motivate yourself from a source. You have got to find people who motivates you, that makes you to germinate, go to seminars that would improve that which you carry. Read books that would fine-tune your essence. You have got to be around people that helps you to germinate, those that would influence you to dream big and become bigger! Don’t move with scared people – people who are scared to dare big things. Run away from those that look down on the qualities on the virtues that you carry!

iv.               You have got to “Water the Seed” – This means that you constantly develop a program to manage your development. That means, you must join organizations that improves the quality of your being, put yourself on a reading program. Discipline yourself to read at least two books, a month. You have got to water yourself to keep flourishing!

v.                 Fertilizer (Destiny Boosters) – this means that you have to refine and refresh your program to constantly grow yourself. Some people are poison. You do not need poison; you do not need pollution! What you need are refiners, boosters. May God give us wisdom to discern and stop keeping bad company. Bad company isn’t limited to those that smokes or drink, but those that subtracts from you and divides you! Move with those that adds to your values and multiply the grace that you carry!

vi.               You need Sunshine. If you must develop this fruit tree, you need special networking. That means, you get to network with organizations and people who become your light. This is the specialty of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, our Saviour, God Almighty, Our Father in Heaven, and good friends in the Body of Christ and professional people who can lead you to higher ground. You need to network with people who can get you to where you need to get to. Your networks determine your net-worth. This year 2022, review your network, and see if your net is working.

vii.            Pruning – Many don’t like this. If you must develop the fruits, there must be pruning. Pruning means, you have got to cut off some people, ideals, practices, habits, situations and opportunities which are liable to cut off your destiny! You have got to manage people, time and situations in your life. You can outgrow your friends, and when this happens, it’s time to leave. Always know when to leave people. When you start growing and your friend aren’t then, you become a misfit. Be careful! Run!

viii.         Time – When you put a seed into the ground, it takes time for it to germinate. You can’t force it to grow. If you must maximize the remaining part of this year as your best year, yet you have got to use your time wisely. Don’t rush growth! You have got to accept the processes. The processes are necessary for the purpose to be fulfilled. Process takes time and it requires patience! You can’t rush success, but you can guarantee it.

ix.               Patience – when you start working with a tree, you plant a seed, and you have got to be patient. When you put a seed in a cup or into the ground, it takes its required time to grow, so, you have just got to be patient with the process of fulfilling purpose. Do you really know why many aren’t really growing? No patience! Great men are very patient people; they don’t emerge into greatness without having gone through the required processes without the instrumentality and practicality of patience. This is why there is so much crime rate in many part of the world today. People want instant success. They don’t want to work to pay for a CD player, they want to break into your house and get it, instantly.  It is called CRIME! There is no other beautiful word to describe it. Crime is crime and those involved in its act are criminals. They don’t want to save and put money in the bank, rather, they want to just rob the bank. Delayed gratification? No! they can’t handle it. Take your time to complete the processes in school. Don’t quit! Hang on there, go for it! Attend that evening school. All trees need patience. One thing about trees is that, when it grows up to become big, it can withstand a whole lot of pressure because of its firm root which took time to sprout. Its stands there… because of patience.

God has bought you over with a new attitude to rejuvenate and to MANifest, just as He intended for you. Therefore, Arise and Shine!

Thank you all for reading.

Dr. Tolulope A. Adegoke is an accredited ISO 20700 Effective Leadership Management Trainer. E-mail:

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Voice of Emancipation: Yoruba National Day: Lessons from the Kiriji War




By Kayode Emola

As we Yoruba descendants all over the world celebrate today the end of the Kiriji war that happened on this day in 1886, we remember those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom we all enjoy today. Many people in our generation may not appreciate the sacrifice our ancestors paid to give us the freedom, liberty, and peace we enjoy today. Many of them back then did not live to see the peace and freedom they fought for, nor did they know they were going to pay the ultimate price, however, that did not deter them from pursuing freedom with all that they had including their lives.

As we celebrate 137 years to the end of the Kiriji war today, I would like to dedicate this column to those who paid the ultimate price for the freedom we Yoruba have enjoyed so far. Although the war brought freedom to the entire Yorubaland and its people; especially those towns and villages that were under Oyo rule, the end of the war brought in a new master (the British overlords) over our affairs.

Shortly after the war ended, the British capitalised on our frailty and war fatigue to gradually colonise our land and take our inheritance by stealth. We did not suspect the actions of the new colonisers because we thought they had our best interest at heart. The rest they say is left to the history books and the journey to freedom continues.

Those who fought to see us free would be mad in their graves to see that the freedom they fought to gain from Oyo who is their neighbour was eventually lost to the British colonisers. They would be asking those of us around this day what we are doing to liberate Yorubaland from the corruption of Nigeria passed down by the British colonisers, since that was what led them to fight the Oyo rulers.

I do not believe that we have an excuse today not to stand up for Yorubaland and her over 50 million population who are being subjected to Nigeria’s misrule. The Yoruba people never signed any document anywhere with her eastern and northern neighbours on becoming one country, therefore we have no business being in Nigeria.

For some people who say that a Yoruba man is now the president of Nigeria, therefore we have the upper hand in directing its affairs. I will say being the president of Nigeria does not translate to development in Yoruba land. This is because Nigeria as a broken nation has gone beyond repair and cannot be mended. Not especially with the disoriented system of government that it currently practices.

Just like Slovenia and Croatia left Yugoslavia before they started reaping the benefits of nationhood. Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, or any other nationality in Nigeria cannot enjoy the goodness of a nation unless the people come together to decide their future. It would be better if this were to happen sooner rather than later to avoid the impeding danger the country may face.

We all know that Nigeria is living on borrowed time and those still behaving like they have a country to call home are just living in fools’ paradise. The only solution for Nigeria is complete dissolution, and any outcome short of this is just applying a sticking plaster to a gushing wound.

As we celebrate the peace we enjoy in Yorubaland today, may I use this opportunity to appreciate those who have kept the flames of peace burning bright. I also want to thank those individuals who have organised this year’s celebration and those who have volunteered their time and resources to see that the event is celebrated in style.

I also thank many of our diasporan Yoruba who are visiting Yorubaland, especially for the first time from places like South and Latin American countries, and elsewhere around the world. We appreciate your efforts in coming down to the homeland to celebrate this year’s event. May the peace of God be with us all and deliver the total freedom and liberty we all desire and grant to us our independent Yoruba nation sooner rather than later.

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Soliloquy: Between Big Brother Naija and Tastee Spelling Bee Competition




By Michael Effiong

This past Thursday, I was privileged and honoured to attend the Tastee Spelling Bee Competition organized to commemorate the 10th Remembrance anniversary of Mr Oluwabunmi Adedayo, who we used to fondly called gentle giant.

Oluwabunmi who was the Executive Director of the famous quick service restaurant, Tastee Fired Chicken (TFC) made quite an impact while on earth. He was warm and humble, and always willing to help others, little wonder that his dear parents: Pamela and Kunle Adedayo decided to turn their personal tragedy to a force for good by establishing the Bunmi Adedayo Foundation.

As I sat down to watch the primary school pupils wow us with their knowledge of English pronunciation and spelling, my mind wondered to my days as member of the St Joseph’s Boys High School, Surulere Literary and Debating Society, and a smile spread across my face.

Then my mind again meandered to the video of the quiz competition that occurred at the Big Brother Naija House which has since gone viral, my reaction this time was that of disgust.

In case you missed it, in the said video, the contestants were asked a pot pourri of questions ranging from mathematics to current affairs. What really caught many people’s attention was the scandalous answers that emanated from theses “celebrity” contestants.

One was asked who was Nigeria’s first president, the contestant did not know! How embarrassing was that.

Another was asked what was the meaning of CAC. She went : ” CAC (she pronounced it kak), CAC”, she looked so shocked as if she had been asked to climb Mount Everest and then blurted some gibberish as answer. All they wanted her to say was CAC is the acronym of Corporate Affairs Commission. How difficult can that be?

It was, therefore, a huge paradox and heart-warming to see these pupils, including a contestant from Pacelli School for the Blind, show their proficiency in the English language.

They lapped up their questions with effortless ease, in fact, some of them were spelling words that I, with my over 30 years’ experience in journalism, was encountering for the first time.I was really impressed.

When one juxtaposes the wondrous performance of these kids to the woeful performance of the Big Brother Naija Housemates, it is not hard to see why our country is where we are at the moment.

When I expressed my angst to an older friend on the Big Brother Housemates show of shame, he laughed and asked me what I had expected

He went on to explain to me that the criteria to be a housemate and win over 100 million naira, juicy prices and endorsement deals did not require any intellectual rigor.You are not expected to be intelligent or take any aptitude test. Just fill out a form, upload a video saying something about yourself and a photo!

Then, you must be articulate, interesting and willing to share your must private thoughts in an open forum to strangers and also be ready to cavort ceaselessly! That’s all!

He therefore affirmed that expecting any seriousness from the Big Brother Naija housemates was like Waiting for Godot.

I believe it is time for us to begin to change our mindset for the betterment of our country. What exactly is our priority as a nation? What are the things that interest us? What are the things that we spend our money on and what are the things that we spend our time on?

In contrast to the huge advertising and sponsorship that is poured on big brother naija, knowledge-based shows like the Spelling Bee, debate shows and quiz compettions never get any traction or attention by Nigerians. Winners hardly are appreciated with the kind of cool cash and media frenzy associated with big brother.

This kind of mentality has to change. If we are to turnaround the fortunes of our country, we have to change our attitude to knowledge and education in general.

It is time for corporate Nigeria to stop paying lip service to talent shows that are intellectually-focused, yes, not everyone has to be educated, but the large number of a country should rank up on that index especially even if to just showcase your talent, if Nigeria wants to take its rightful place at the top table of world prominence.

It is said that “Ideas rule the world” and that soft power is the new gold. How can we compete if we do not invest in our kids and youths like the Bunmi Adedayo Foundation.

Indeed, BAF has taken education as its focus. It has been in the forefront of training teachers and improving the learning experience of pupils.

According to the Foundation “It’s not about building schools, it’s also about building teaching and learning. That’s how communities flourish. They’re agent of change”

The Foundation is devoted to changing lives of children, by innovatively improving the quality of teaching and learning in Nigerian public primary schools.

The Foundation has so far organized 103 trainings, intervened in 1300 plus schools, built one state-of-the-art library, upgraded 5,200 plus teachers, donated one 40-seat ICT laboratory, worked in 56 plus Local Government Education Areas and impacted 15,000 plus pupils.

There is no doubt that we have to catch them young, feed them with the right ideals and ideas that will build them into worthy citizens.

On the day of the spelling Bee, which was won by my name sake, Michael Ofiemum, with Toluwani Toluwani and Janet Oseni taking second and third respectively, the Adedayo’s again showed that their milk of human kindness never runs dry when they extended full scholarship to six pupils of Navy Primary School.

Just like the Spelling Bee winners, contestants and their teachers went home with many prizes, gifts and loads of joy, the smile on the faces of the parents and relations of the scholarship recipients was indescribable.

There is no doubt that the impact of the Spelling Bee Competition and Scholarships by the Bunmi Adedayo Foundation will be etched on the hearts of these pupils and many years later, they will grow up to discuss how this rare opportunity shaped their lives and trust me, at that time, no one will be talking about who won Big Brother Naija 2023.

Let us all decide to invest wisely today by touching lives one child at a time!

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The Mastery of Strategic Alignment




By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“You need a plan to reach your goals. It is your plans that take or get you to a place, not just your dreams. Dreams without an active plan will take you to nowhere. It is a plan that empowers and exposes you to the discipline and responsibilities required to achieve your dreams or set goals. A plan teaches you “HOW” to get there, it is your blueprint. This is your time to set in place some plans that lead you to an ‘expected end’. By the time you get to the ‘end’, you shouldn’t be surprised, because success is intentional; it is deliberate. It is plans that takes you to success, and it is planning that helps you succeed for greatness. Therefore, set it up and step it up!”

– Tolulope A. Adegoke, PhD., FIMC, CMC, CMS, MNIM, CIV

 There should be synergy between your actions and ambitions. You should be able to look at your actions and tell your ambitions. From your ambitions, I will be able to tell where you are going by what you are doing. If what you are doing doesn’t tell or prophesy where you are going, then you are doing the wrong things. Since you are a limited resource, then you are not enough to go round; that means, you have to choose where you have to expend your energy. You cannot tackle everything at the same time. What you are doing must reveal or prophesy where you are going.

A plan is important, not just a dream. A lot of institutions teaches about dreams and vision, but they tend to dish the real deal in parts or halves. You need to understand that getting your plan lined up (to align) with where you are going is far more important. You need a plan to reach your goals. It is your plans that take or get you to a place, not just your dreams. Dreams without an active plan will take you to nowhere. It is a plan that empowers and exposes you to the discipline and responsibilities required to achieve your dreams or set goals. A plan teaches you “HOW” to get there, it is your blueprint.

This is your time to set in place some plans that would lead you to an ‘expected end’. By the time you get to the ‘end’, you shouldn’t be surprised, because success is intentional; it is deliberate. It is a plan that takes you to success, and it is planning that helps you succeed.

The Book of Life says: “write the vision, make it plain, so that whosoever that reads it may run with it.” Somewhere in your life, there ought to be a perfectly Mission Statement: your Vision, Purpose and Goals. That’s what is done in business, and you are in a business to earn a living. What’s your vision? What’s your purpose? What are your goals? With the aforementioned, you are able to choose what is yours wisely. Such that when people offer you things that are not in your Mission Statement, you can say NO because that’s not what you do. A lot of things can be very good, but if they are not in alignment with where you are going, you just have to let them go because you are a limited resource, which is specifically wired for a purpose or calling.

The Book of Exodus 25:1-9 unveils so much: “And the Lord spoke unto Moses, saying, speak unto the children of Israel, that they may bring me an offering: of every man that giveth it willingly with his heart ye shall take my offering. And this is the offering which ye shall take of them; gold, and silver, and brass, and blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine linen, and goats’ hair, and rams’ skins dyed, red and badgers’ skins, and shittim wood, Oil for the light, spices for the anointing oil, and for sweet incense, Onyx stones, and stones to be set in the ephod, and in the breastplate. And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them. According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the patterns of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it.”

Could God have designed a tabernacle? He is a Master-planner, but He invited His people into the process and planning, and gathering the raw materials. You can quickly tell or deduce by what they are gathering that they are getting ready to build something. Also, one of the most profound statements spoken by God to Moses in the above verses is “Build according to pattern”. In other words, you should have a pattern for living. What God meant by the above is that: “I want you to build according to what I have showed you, do not build outside my plan.”

What you need is that you should get your vision from the Lord; this is simply the vision of where you are going, and this is “WHY” I put you on Earth; this is the purpose I have for you to do. Your job or duty on Earth is to build on Earth what God has already shown you. So what has God shown you? whatever God has shown you is your purpose and vision. A plan simplifies the process of tasks for an easy accomplishment of set targets. Pattern helps you grow; it builds you and gives you a niche. You are here to build on Earth as Man according to purpose and pattern which has been revealed by God.

Most people have no pattern. This is where mentoring comes in to lead you to act according to a designed pattern or system. Mentoring is about giving somebody a pattern to operate with; it is about giving or revealing and availing to somebody what they can see: walk the way I walk, step the way I step. Ask yourself, genuinely, “do you have a pattern?” Do you have a pattern for a successful career, marriage, business or ministry? Have you ever been around someone who is succeeding? You cannot imitate what you have not seen! People who don’t just hear the word, but do the word prospers and keep going up, challenges notwithstanding, but they continue to succeed because they are obedient and attentive to a laid out pattern of success.

A plan is a clear strategy which is usually documented for the purpose of succeeding, leading, conquering and achieving set-targets or goals in any facet of human endeavours. If you must prosper, then you must not fail to plan!

You must understand that success is always intentional, though many people act as if it isn’t, but it really is. You do not graduate from College and be surprised how it happened; you don’t lose weight by accident; you don’t run a marathon and say you do not know how you did it! The authentic truth is that nobody succeeds by accident.

The next thing you must not fail to understand here is that, you need to forgive yourself for making mistakes. You may have done something so foolish. Success isn’t a magic pill, but an intentional act for a change to occur via the renewing of your mindset, it is a process, it is going to take a little time, but it will work if you work it.

Invest Extra Income

Any unexpected income that is beyond your budget is the kind of money you should invest. Stop engaging in lavish spending. Understand that you do not need to buy what you do not need at all! Other people are investing in the idea that you will spend; that’s why they built a mall; that was their investment, expecting you to spend your money in it so that they can save it. You open up streams of income by investing your extra income, and you don’t start spending like the prodigal son (a fool). Don’t spend beyond your limits again. Now, you have understood that there is need for added investment pockets. In the Book of Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus Christ taught the same concept about investment. Even if He didn’t teach it, you still need to know these concepts of investment because you need to do it for your own good!

One of the biggest errors or mistakes we make is that whenever we a get a lump-sum of money, the first thing we try to do is to pay off all our bills, and what you do not realize is that when you are trying to pay off all your bills, you have bills again. You need to maximize opportunities. Gradually continue to pay your way out of debts by using the measure called DISCIPLINE. Keep the money by saving it; Grow the money by investing the money!

The Book of Life says, “you should bring forth fruits, so that your fruits may abide.” God implies that: “I am interested in getting you to a place that you stop losing everything I am giving you. What you know now will change the next five years of your life.

How can you love somebody and not have a life insurance? So you leave them struggling, evicted and uncared for? It isn’t about the luxuries or the expensive gifts or items. I charge you to convert them into assets, and get an insurance! Set your priorities straight in-line with what makes sense!

Stop accepting what keeps depreciating, and stop ignoring what keeps appreciating. Stop paying for your emotions! Even if you love a thing or luxury or property, don’t buy it if it is beyond your financial means or budget. Quit the emotion, where motion is required for your legs to step back. Stop spending too much on what is not necessarily important for you. Buy the basic needs and invest the rest so that as you rest, the profit yields!

A plan makes you a planter (sower). The idea is the seed; the plan makes you the planter. Every planter (sower) is eligible for the harvest of whatever he or she sows or plants! Ensure that you update your plan on a regular basis, because things change, so that you can make this year your year of effective and sufficient productivity. You must have things in order. Every of your steps must count! Are you positioning yourself in the line of your dream? You need to get ready to do it before you do it! You need to look like it before you are it! Remember, God anointed David to be king while he was still a shepherd boy. God was gradually positioning David into Royalty. God told Samuel in the Book of 1Samuel 16:13 (paraphrased), “I have got a Man in the House of Jesse, find him, I want you to anoint him to be king.” At first, after David was anointed to be king, he was still a shepherd boy, but rumour heard it all across the territories in his time that David was going to be king. You need to realize and understand that God is much more interested and focused on “WHERE” you are going than where you are, at the moment; and He is committed to plan and ride with you, if you will be reasonable enough to take responsibilities and endure the processes required to arrive at the successes that leads to greatness through a PLAN or pattern (strategy) that is well detailed for shifts and positioning to prosper and prevail in your areas of calling or purpose.

…to be continued.

Dr. Tolulope A. Adegoke is an accredited ISO 20700 Effective Leadership Trainer

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