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Princess Adekunbi Oyekan-Jafojo: Celebrating an Amazon at 50

By Eric Elezuo

Some are born great, some achieve greatness while some have greatness thrust upon them, and of course a few others are so privileged to have all the three bestowed on them at no cost. Princess Adekunbi Oyekan-Jafojo is one of those privileged few. Apart from destiny bestowing greatness upon her, she has committed extreme hard work, vision, diligence and eagle-eyed determination to sustain her God-given greatness. There are indeed very few Adekunbis.

Beautiful, smart, intelligent and royally made, Princess Adekunbi Oyekan-Jafojo was born in Lagos to the Oyekan royal dynasty of Lagos on June 19, 1971. Her parents were the Late Oba of Lagos, Oba Adeyinka & Late Olori Subulade Oyekan.

She started her educational pursuit at the Ireti Primary School, Ikoyi for elementary tutelage before attending Girl’s Secondary Grammar School, Obalende, Lagos, where she obtained her West African School Certificate (WASC).

In search of the proverbial golden fleece, she proceeded to the United States of America, where she attended the North Carolina A & T State University and graduated with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Finance. She followed it up almost immediately with an M.B.A. from the University of Maryland.

Her first stint of professional endeavours upon graduating from college was with the then Arthur Andersen, one of world’s top Accounting firms. She excelled in her job description, creating for herself veritable options to rub shoulders with the best in the accounting world. Her efforts gave her the leverage to finalise a great move to MCI Communications Corp.

From that moment, the sky ceased to be her limit; her aims were positively legendary, and made distinct impacts on humanity. As a followup to her illustrious career, Princess Adekunbi worked at several other corporations before establishing a Not-for-profit organization, better referred to Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), called 3rd Mile Inc., and a private company, Deyshine Inc. She sits atop both organisations as the Chief Executive Officer.

While many know her as an accomplished Accountant and prolific Entrepreneur, Princess Adekunbi is much more than that. In addition, she is a visionary Inventor with an issued Patent Certificate from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and has several inventions to her credit.

A fashionista and complete family woman, Adekunbi is happily married to Prince Adewale Jafojo, son of a former deputy governor of Lagos State, Late Chief RBA Jafojo, and Late Mrs. Mosunmola Jafojo. The marriage is blessed with three lovely children.

Adekunbi’s image speaks a million words as her NGO, which was established in 2012, has remained in the forefront of bringing succour and hope to children of the world towards¬†providing humanitarian assistance to the underprivileged in communities by facilitating lasting change, by helping children thrive, and building, strengthening and sustaining individual family life.

For the all the efforts you are putting in to make the world a much more better place, we heartily wish you the best of golden jubilees. Congratulations ma!

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