Girls’ Club: Parents, Raise Your Sons Not to Be Rapists 2

By Evangelist Temilolu Okeowo

Dear Madam,

I must confess stumbling on your newspaper column was quite amazing as one could tell you’ve been working painstakingly to transform lives of millions of young girls across the globe. I must commend your selfless effort and sacrifice to mentor these young girls on the importance of preserving their virginity till marriage! May God strengthen you as you carry out this arduous yet noble task. I wish to follow up with your subsequent write-ups and conversations as I also pray that God will bless me with one of those girls whom amid their coming of age are still determined to stay chaste till their wedding night despite the breakdown of good societal norms and values in our world today!

Mr. Lupe

Dear Mr. Lupe,
Many thanks for your commendation. I can assure you, you would have higher chances of attracting your much-desired virgin if you can also stay chaste! God bless you sir!

Dearest Parents,

No one needs to be told right now that it appears we have come to a season of rape! Day in, day out, there are countless number of cases not even reported in the media. You’d be shocked to note that 70% of those who live under poverty-level have come to see it as a norm and more often than not they blame their daughters for going where they shouldn’t have gone, roaming aimlessly and wearing revealing clothes even when the perpetrators are clearly paedophiles and sexual perverts! I won’t bother to delve into our society’s very poor and enabling attitude, I’d give you a few tips on how you can groom your son into a godly and harmless gentleman while hoping there will be stiffer penalties on perpetrators of sexual abuse which can deter other men in future.

1. Spiritualise your children

We must all know by now that there are 2 forces fighting for supremacy in our souls/lives- the Holy Spirit and the evil spirit i.e. God vs Satan! I’d say this over and over again, if you don’t get into your children’s heads and drive God deep into their souls before they are age 5, the devil and the society would infiltrate and cause confusion in their minds!

Spiritualising them is not only about going to church on Sundays but ensuring their thoughts, emotions, motions, mind-set, attitude etc. aligns with God’s dictates! You must go all out to have conversations with your son daily almost on everything possible- become his best friend and confidant till you enter into his brain! Filter his friends and the type of music he listens to and ensure they won’t contaminate his spirit! THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER and the best way to raise a child in perilous times as this if you want to have peace in future!

However, I also wonder what becomes of a child whose parents are not spiritual or godly? Such a parent is courting trouble. And I must not fail to mention that there are some godly parents who are not intentional about parenting! I was once invited by one of Nigeria’s most prominent secondary schools of all time to speak to their girls after an 11-year-old daughter of a G.O. of a prominent ministry was found practising oral sex on her class mate! I’m yet to get over the shock that came with that matter! These children don’t know what they are doing and we have to be on hand to see them through. All I know is if your children are possessed by the Holy Spirit, even when you are not there, whenever temptation arises, the power of God in them would always arrest the situation and pull them back! There’s more to come your way next Saturday! May your boys bring you great glory and honour in Jesus name!

To be continued.

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Chastity does not belong to the past. It saves you a lot of trouble, preserves your beautiful destiny and stands you out from the crowd. You are better off not engaging in pre-marital and extra-marital sex. Stay chaste!

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