Buhari’s Six Years of Frustration, Unemployment, Killings, Hunger by PCP Chairman, Don Harmattan

Nothing will excite Nigerians more at this period than a return to the time before May 29, 2015 when President Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressives Congress (APC) came to power.

Looking back to the last 6 years of APC rule, the stack reality on the faces of Nigerians is one of Unemployment, starvation, insecurity, unabated killings and destruction of lives and properties. Increased cost of living with no money to buy essential basic needs, increased electricity cost with no regular supply and increased protroleum pump price with it’s spiral and cumulative consequences has been the hallmark of APC rule in the last 6 years.

In the government circles, fighting perceived opposition, invading of judges homes, unlawful arrest and detentions of opposition figures, desecration of our courts, illegal de-registration of political parties perceived to be opposition parties, disobedience to court decisions and disrespect for the rule of law, constitutional violation of the Federal character principles, appointment of family members, ethnic and religious hegemony in government, devaluation of the Naira, boarder closures that yielded no positive result apart from enriching Fulani custom officers while Fulani militias from neighbouring countries with AK 47 were freely allowed entry to cause mayhem and take land by force from Nigerians.

In the last 6 years, Nigeria witnessed bloodletting, killing of men, women and children including raping of our young girls and destruction of farmlands while the president who took oath to defend our constitution and Nigerians was unperturbed. Not even to shed a bit of the tears like he did when he lost election in 2011 but instead told Nigerians to cohabit with their Neigbours.

In 6 years, Nigerians were subjected to live under sever pain and penury. While Nigerians were languishing in abject poverty, new rail lines worth millions of Dollars were constructed to Maradi the capital of Niger Republic. Needless to say that APC government under the leadership of president Mohammadu Buhari is a colossal failure, a disapointment , a National embarrassment and disgrace.

Nigerians sought for help, direction and leadership and there was none. Many scattered and sought for shelter in IDP camps, yet they were killed in what was supposed to be a protected refugee camps. We became refugees in our own homelands.

A one time peaceful country were freedoms abound prior to 2015 has been turned into a militia war country under the leadership of President Mohammadu Buhari whose only solution as been circulated in some quaters is to suspend our constitution which he took an oath of office. This action if and when taken will put flames in the already tense situation the country is currently passing through.

It is regrettable that Nigerians are just waking up from slumber to realize that the man who once said that he belongs to nobody seriously meant what he said and that includes even if you are being killed by militias or you die in active duty, for him it does not matter because he belongs to nobody.

It is only in Nigeria that ethnic, sectional and parochial interest, self aggrandisement as against national patriotism have led this governments to deregister 74 political parties that once had an active work force and contributing to the National Gross Domestic product (GDP) without caring about the socio-economic implications or backlash of such action on the country.

Political parties who are supposed to speak out for the masses were illegally and unconstitutionally deregistered in a military style fashion because this administration knew it’s plans before hand to keep the rigging machinery on alert for 2023.

This administration unilaterally declared free entry for African Fulani militias to enter Nigeria without visas to destroy our people, our monuments, our lands and our livelihood including preparing them for the voting spree come 2023 at a time no political parties were able to speak out.

All we are asking President Buhari is to return Nigeria to were it was in 2015 and avoid this impending pogrom and dismembering of the Nigerian state by allowing Nigerians a sovereign national Conference without gimmicks of any kind or government interference. A conference that will produce a new Magna Carta that brings hope, aspirations and peaceful coexistence to every region and by extension Nigerians at large.

Finally it should be made clear that Nigeria is not a conquered territory by anyone or ethnic group and can never be, neither is it for sale to anyone or race.

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