Opinion: Potentiality Digest: Raise Your Head

By Sodeeq Abdulakeem Sulyman
I have nothing in common with lazy people who blame others for their lack of success. Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses.” – Kobe Bryant
Have you also been wondering how fast things are changing these days? The acceleration of new things has become pervasive to the extent that you can do something now and before you know it, it might have changed, if you want to do it again. That attests to how powerful the wind of change is. However, the point is not what changes, but how we also change to respond and adapt to change.
And in responding and adapting to change, you must have a strategy. If I may ask you, what is your own strategy for avoiding being left behind by the trail of change? Personally, my own strategy is “To Raise My Head Up.” I devised the strategy through many teachings I unravelled from biographies and autobiographies of great men and since I have been dwelling on this strategy, my life is taking a productive turn.
Look at yourself right now, in what you are going through how do you see yourself? Do you see yourself competing with other people to achieve your goals or you are returning back to your shell because you are avoiding challenges or you are comfortable with where you are? Let me share this with you: If you keep taking life as it is, you will never get shaped to become the ideal you and to become the ideal you, you have to raise your head up!
Don’t think because you have been through circumstances or you have faced some challenges and because of that, you feel like life is not fair to you. Raise your head up by always seeing the better side of things. David Schwartz says, “Look at things not as they are, but as they can be. Visualization adds value to everything. A big thinker always visualizes what can be done in the future.”
You can never do anything in the future, or no one even has a future if one keeps looking down. For you to change your life, you must always see ahead of yourself, appreciate how far you have done, learn from your mistakes, meditate in order to maintain solitude within yourself and have a purpose for how you want your life to be defined. Rick Warren noted that “Purpose defines what you do and what you don’t do. Your purpose becomes the standard you use to evaluate which activities are essential and which aren’t.”
Nonetheless, in regards to achieving your purpose, you have to be clear about who you are, what you want, what you need, how you can get what you need, where you can get it. Also, you can predict when is the best time for you to finally launch yourself to be positioned for achieving your purpose. Being clear of what your purpose is, is also important to raising your head up.
Brian Tracy affirmed that “Perhaps the most important word related to success of any kind is clarity. Successful people are very clear about who they are and what they want, in every area of their lives.” Take this moment to look at every area of your life to see where you need to raise your game, raise the bar, develop more strength and increase your charge because you have identified how important those areas are, to the difference you ought to make in life.
Your success today may become an obstacle to tomorrow’s successes if you failed to use it to engineer more successes or to create a platform for future successes to beckon. In raising your head up, the principle that every breakthrough one makes in life brings forth more ground to break must resonate with you. What life gives to you is a rent, you make it to be fully yours by raising your values and standards after you have earned it.
Napoleon Hill wrote the Think and Grow Rich at a time little or no importance was attached to self-help books. But because he raised his head up, he was able to see beyond his peers. Think and Grow Rich has been sold in different versions, languages and it is in the league of bestsellers of all-time! It was because Abraham Lincoln raised his heap up, that was why he ably overcame his failures and championed a meaningful life, despite the pitfalls he encountered whilst pursuing his goals.
There is no one at the top who has never fallen down. However, what determines how long they stay on ground is what they pick from ground to design groundbreaking aspirations, ambitions and dreams. For your life to attract the status that befits it, always raise your head up wherever you are. Ademola Adeoye advised that “No matter how much you get done, there will always be something new for you to get done. And the more you get done, the more responsibility will flow to you.”
SULYMAN, Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Author. He can be reached via +2348132226994. His new book titled: “The Path to Greatness,” foreword by Henry Ukazu, President and Founder of GLOEMI Inc., The Bronx, New York City, USA, is now available on https://bit.ly/Amzn-HS-TP2G

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