The Visionary Technocrat who will take Delta State to the Next Level – Chief (Dr.) Rufus Eseoghene Ebegba

Delta State beyond doubt is blessed; the state has abundance of natural, human and material resources. Crude oil flows from it’s rich lands, it also boasts an abundance of brilliant and educated men and women and a vibrant youth who are excelling all over the world and what’s more, back home Delta is also a land that grows various economic crops that has sustained the people and communities for centuries but despite all these fantastic attributes and opportunities Delta State has not been able to stand out economically on its own merit without federal support.

While the urban towns burble with economic activities and commerce, back integration is overlooked. The rural communities are largely overlooked, alienating the inclusion of a large army of youth, men and women to participate their quota in the economic growth and development of the state.

As the race towards a change of political baton commences again in Delta State come 2023, with all manners of aspirants flooding the public space with promises and manifestoes, one Visionary technocrat, a silent but robustly internationally recognised and decorated personality stands out. Presently, he is in the trenches meeting the rural people, touching base with the locals who are usually left out of choosing who leads them. He is building a base and a silent followership, giving hope where hope did not exist and a reason to look forward to better days, and a prosperous future for them and their families.

Chief ( Dr.)Rufus Eseoghene Ebegba is Married with children.

He was elected the Senior Prefect of the school between 1980 to 1981during his secondary school days.


Indeed, he is a born leader. During his University days he was elected Speaker of Students’ Union Government (SUG) at the University of Benin in 1985.


He has intimidating credentials and a corporate profile that is rich and enviable. He is the Director General/Chief Executive Officer of the National Biosafety Management Agency. He holds a B.Sc.(Agriculture), M.Sc.(Environmental Biology) and subsequently awarded a Ph.D (Biodiversity). He also attended various short courses in Administration, biodiversity Conservation, Biotechnology and Biosafety.


His first job was as Administrative Officer at the defunct Centre for Democratic Studies, Abuja 1990-1996. He moved to FEPA, where he worked as the Principal Environmental Scientist 1996-1999. He was later appointed Assistant Chief Environmental Scientist at the Federal Ministry of Environment 1999-2005; was Chief Environment Scientist 2005-2008; Assistant Director 2008-2012; and Deputy Director 2012-2015 before being appointed the Director General/CEO of the National Biosafety Management Agency.


Dr Rufus Ebegba has 27 years experience working in the areas of Administration, Biosafety Management, Biodiversity Conservation and sustainable utilization of renewable natural recourses, Strategic planning in Biosafety and Biodiversity.


He is vast working within the Nigerian corporate space as well as working with and for international agencies to enhance humanity and make the world a better place for all. Dr. Rufus Ebegba is also the National Project Coordinator, UNEP-GEF National Biosafety Framework Implementation Project in Nigeria; the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety National Focal Point for Nigeria; a member of the Expert Committee of West African Biosafety Regulation and a former member of the Ad-hoc Technical Expert Group on Biosafety Risk Assessment and Risk Management of the Convention on Biological Diversity of the United Nations..


There is more, he has special Competences in the following fields: Administration, Biosafety Regulation(Risk Assessment/Management,) and policy BCH Administration Biodiversity Conservation (National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan , Wetlands Conservation, Bio-prospecting  Environmental Impact Assessment Economic Value of Natural Resources Natural Resources Development and Utilization. Expert in development and implementation of Projects.  Community leadership Dr. Ebegba was involved in the development of Nigeria National Biotechnology Policy, Nigeria National Biosafety Framework(Biosafety Policy and Policy) under the UNEP/GEF Development of National Biosafety Framework Project; the Nigeria National Biosafety Risk Assessment Analysis Framework; the Nigeria National Biosafety Application Management guidelines, Draft National Biosafety Regulations, National Biosafety Containment Guidelines, National Biosafety Communication Strategy and the last edition of the Nigeria Biosafety Guidelines, to name a few. Dr. Ebegba has participated in organizing and attended many workshops and meetings.


He has worked closely with the UN and African Union Biodiversity, biosafety systems and Program for Biosafety systems. He has over 100 Various Publication on Biosafety, Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Management.


Dr Rufus Ebegba comes loaded with intellect, vision and hardwork. He posseses the capacity to move Delta State to the next level. His dream is one in which Agriculture will compete with oil to provide sustenance for the people of Delta State and help feed the region.

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