Opinion: Engage Rugged Faith

By Tolulope A. Adegoke

No idea is perfect; they are always with their own flaws, but you must trust in your abilities/potentials to work it out and sideline its flaws- Tolulope A. Adegoke

Many people have tried to harness their potentials, but still yielded to nothing much…Some have applied faith in solving problems, and it still resulted in nothing. You might have exercised all the faith that you can, and the challenges still waxed strong. Yes! It is written that if we have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move; and nothing shall be impossible for you (Matthew17:20)”, you must develop inner toughness so as to overcome your tough time until light breaks forth around you.

Faith is like a seed. It must be planted in fertile ground. If it is not planted, it cannot bear fruit. It must be watered so that growth will begin. It must be nourished so as to reach full maturity. It will only blossom under a proper climatic condition and then bear fruits. Its fruits must be ripe and be harvested at the right /correct time or else it might fall to the ground and not as a result of wind, rain etc. Your faith begins to work when you begin to believe in the ideas that God sends to you. Greatness does not depend on your position in life, but upon your respect of positive ideas that flows into your imagination! The Executive Director of a conglomerate decided to solve some challenges confronting his production section. He was inspired to sort or consult average people and made a selection of Ten educated persons from the bottom of the corporate ladder of one of his factories. The Director led them into the executive suits, had them seat comfortably, and stood before them to explain why they had been selected: “Our company is facing a problem, and I believe that you people can come up with a solution because I have been informed that you people have a remarkable gift of creativity. This is the reason we have called you up here together today.” He explained the nature of the problem and left the room for a few hours. When the Executive Director returned, he realized that they had had an effective brainstorming session and had in fact, come up with a solution (breakthrough ideas). They had found an answer to the problem that had been overlooked by the top authorities in charge of corporate development. No doubt that the executives had been suffering from locked-in-thinking. The blatant truth is that the average ‘bottom-of-the – ladder.” (Zero) is, potentially as creative as the top executive who sits in the big office. The challenge is that the person on the bottom of the ladder does not believe/trust his own brilliance and does not, therefore, believe in his own ideas.

The executive of the company appealed to the members of staff which stimulated their self-respect.

Every human being is creative, but a lot of people do not believe in their creativity. Like the story given above; when the executive director told those ten persons that they were smart, they absorbed it and believed in those words, and they came up with solutions because they lacked the audible knowledge that their suggestion counts in the company.

 Every person has virtually equal creative abilities. The reason why the average person is creative is basically, because nobody has ever told them they are creative and they themselves have never tried to be. We all can be anything, we can be anything, it all depends on our tendency to do something tangible about the incredible ideas that comes into our minds.

Faith will die unless you believe the positive ideas that drops into your mind then act swiftly on them by harnessing (putting them to work). Jesus Christ said it: “the kingdom of God is within you (Luke17:21).” Ideas flows into your brain by the help of the Holy Spirit every day like the stream. The first stage of faith is, believing,the second stage is engaging those ideas or potential by taking the required actions into actualizing its full essence. While, its next stage is reaping the full benefits of the essences of the potentials…Although, no idea is perfect; they are always with their own flaw, but you must trust in your abilities/potentials to work it out and sideline its flaws.

Learn, Apply & Share.

Thank You.

Watch out for the Book titled: “The Power of an Empowered Zero” (From Zero to HERO) by Tolulope A. Adegoke. Foreword by Dr Yomi Garnett (CEO/Chancellor, Royal Biographical Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A., U.K., Abuja, Nigeria.) Edited by Ola Aboderin.

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