Tourism: Gurara Waterfalls: Nature’s Clear, Sparkling Wonder

By Ajibade Morakinyo

Exploring Nigeria’s tourism potentials with family and friends is actually ‘a tip of iceberg’ without visiting the Gurara Waterfalls; a place where mother nature used water to display its sophistication with the natural waterfalls. No doubt, the beauty will be a breath-taking spectacle of mother-nature for family and friends.

Located in Bonu in the Gurara Local Government area of Niger State, Gurara Falls originally had its source from Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State and joined River Niger at Dare near Abuja-Lokoja Bridge.

Gurara Lodge

The Gurara Water Falls lies on a demarcated land of about 1,105.37 hectares of land with fun facilitating environment. For decades, the tourist site has never for once experience low turnout of foreign and local tourists. Nevertheless, it can still accommodate your foot print in its natural vegetation.

Holiday makers at the waterfalls

It is arguably Nigeria’s premier falls as the nature’s glamour has remained a pride for the people of Bonu, Niger State since 1745 even before modern day Nigeria was founded in 1914. About 69 km from the Abuja, the waterfall spans about 300 meters across and cascade 50 meters below the sea level to the admiration of tourists, birds and wildlife.

To aid relaxation and viewing, a chalet; a viewing podium for good view of the water falls is on the site, and it is safe for tourists across ages. There are seats donated by the Sports Fisherman Club of Abuja, a German fishing group from Julius Berger Nigeria on the site as well.

Without exaggeration, Gurara Waterfalls is one of the nine wonders in Nigeria with the potential to generate millions in revenue for the state. The Falls got the name, Gurara, from the ancient Gwari people of the territory, through their god named Gura and Rara. Before the Europeans discovered it in 1925, the people of Bonu used to worship the falls, as well pray and make sacrifices to it.

The Europeans saw the recreational value of the water falls, and discouraged the traditional worshiping activities for tourism. Ever since, the waterfall has been at peak of its beauty between April and November, and at its lowest between January and March. The water is free of mud and swimming can be attempted at the base.

There are restaurants, hotel and sports businesses within tourists’ reach and the current gate fees to access this natural wonder is N500 per person.


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