Breaking: Benin Prince Was Not Arrested, He’ll Be Cleared-Lawyer


The Boss can authoritatively reveal that Prince Osmond Eweka, a member of the Benin Royal family,  was not arrested in United States, he is now set to clear his name and prove his innocence, his lawyer has revealed.

Prince Osmond Eweka also a citizen of the United States  of America  is currently at his residential address in New Jersey ,a bail charge was not given because he was never held, our findings revealed.

The Prince who was accused of giving false information to some clients actually delivered on the core mandate of the agreements.

According to Thomas Kenniffer,  his Attorney,  who made an appearance where Prince Eweka pleaded not guilty ” Mr Eweka provided honest services to many satisfied clients and never acted with mal-intent.The notion that a few disenchanted clients may have expressed buyer’s remorse does not mean any criminality”

” The truth is that these clients underwent training at his firm and achieved a certificate of authenticity from the firm in hope of getting jobs from other companies ,the contract signed by these disgruntled clients state that it does not guaranty them getting the job it only makes them illegible to apply for the job .

“Failure of employment is between the approached companies and the applicants,  it in no way concerns Mr Eweka as he had fulfilled his part by training and awarding them with a certificate .

We gathered that the contracts with the clients, actually corroborates his insistence that he has no case to answer, and they are verifiable facts that prove his innocence.

Prince Eweka, graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a degree in International Public Administration.

While in college Mr Eweka also collaborated with “Building With Books”, an organisation which provides financial support to less-privileged children in the United States .

He has owned and ran a reputable  training and consulting firm for years.

The young businessman Is known for a lot of philanthropic work in his community and has funded numerous borehole projects in Nigeria

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