The Reverend Mother Esther Ajayi I know – Abiodun Paseda

By Eric Elezuo

It is only the person who knows someone very well that can have the audacity to talk about the person, and with so much gusto. And who knows Reverend Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi, asides her biological children, other than Abiodun Enilari Paseda, the Founder and CEO, Focus on Disability Foundation (FOD) with a solid base in London.

“I call her mummy because she possesses every bit of the qualities that make one a complete woman; she is tall, extremely beautiful and completely down to earth. A woman who gives nothing to chance when it comes to taking care of her family, her status notwithstanding, Esther Ajayi is just the typical woman if you are looking for a sister, mother, wife or confidante,” Paseda said.

Relieving with joy, Paseda mentioned a situation that surprised him most, and that has to do with beholding the woman of prayer in the kitchen making lunch for the family.

“Could you believe that with all her tight schedule, Reverend Mother Ajayi does not leave her domestic duties to anybody, especially when it comes to taking care of the stomach of the man she loves very much-her husband, Dr. Ademuyiwa Ajayi. That is not all, when guests arrive at her home, she takes it upon herself to see to their comfort, including preparing their food and other entertainment.”

In one swift breath, Paseda captured the missionary and humanitarian activities of the woman who affects lives with her Esther Ajayi Foundation.

“To simplify the act of giving, Reverend Mother established the Esther Ajayi Foundation so that more people can be reached even when she is not there, and that is where people like me and Chief Dele Momodu have happily come in – to help her reach out and fulfill her God-giving calling. So far, there are innumerable number of people who have been assisted in one way or the other to get back to sound health, pay certain utility bills, get empowered to become their own bosses among many more. She is out to affect one million lives in 2018, but as at now, close to 700, 000 has been affected even as the year is yet to hit the half way mark. She is just a wonderful woman. It is for all these and many more that I christened her The Mother Theresa of Africa, Yes, I am the one who gave her that name,” Paseda said.

If you are wondering what it is like for the woman who runs Love of Christ Generation Church in Clapham, London to give, and how she feels after she has done the act, listen to Paseda:

“As far as she is concerned, giving is an attitude, and is not rocket science, so she is looking out for where to practice giving, and that’s why the Foundation has been launched in different parts of the world, including Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States of America, Ghana, Israel and recently Turkey even as the list continues to grow. And when she gives, she is even more grateful that the person who has received. She is just a different kind of woman. The inner joy she derives each time someone smiles is indescribable.”

You need to see Abiodun Paseda laugh when the issue of whether Reverend Mother Ajayi will one day delve into politics considering her growing popularity within and outside Nigeria. He mentioned that the Reverend Mother he knows will never go into politics.

“No way, politics is not for her. She distastes the intrigues that play out in politicking as well as the lies that come with it. She believes that at one time or another, one may be forced to compromise and tell lies or do some things untoward before in the bid to be diplomatic or ‘playing politics’ like they use to say. So politics is a no no for her. No one should bother asking her to take up politics because she will disappoint you with a capital NO answer.”

He continues: “She is a very contended woman, and enjoys the ministry she supervises as well as the immediate family God has blessed her with – a team of two sons and two daughters, grandchildren with a retinue of adopted ones here and there.”

Reverend Mother Ajayi at the Seed Orphanage Home

Reverend Ajayi will on Saturday July 28, 2018 in the beautiful city of New York hosts her ministry’s yearly convention tagged Celebrating the Comforter 2018. The meeting is also tailored towards her efforts in unifying the ‘white garment’ churches, especially the Cherubim and Seraphim and the Celestial churches. It is her greatest desire to make the whole world understand that white garment churches have nothing to do with anything fetish but believe and walk in the direction of the Word of God.

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