Breaking: Sunday Igboho Not Released, Lawyers File For Asylum

Contrary to reports making the rounds, Yoruba Nation Agitator, Sunday Igboho has not been released by Beninoise authorities.

The Boss learnt that Igboho who is being held in an undisclosed location in Cotonou has actually applied for asylum and his lawyers are bent on ensuring he is not returned to Nigeria any time soon.

We were told that a zoom meeting that had fellow agitators, Professors Akintoye and Adeniran gave updates on Igboho’s current situation.

According to them “He was not allowed to see his lawyer but the lawyer was advised to come back tomorrow.

“Asylum application has been made on his behalf by international lawyers from Britain, France, Germany and US.

“It was made known that under no account will a person be extradited while the application for asylum is being processed by Igboho lawyers

“Professors Akintoye and Adeniran were  bitter and furious regarding the news of his release calling it fake news.

They stated that a story like this is capable of undermining the work of the lawyere and can put Igboho’s chances of freedom in jeopardy.


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