Exclusive: How Kwara Govt Demolished Saraki’s Country Home With Bulldozers & Dynamites

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Ile-Arugbo,  the country home of the Saraki Family located in the heart of Ilorin, has been demolished by the Kwara State Government after weeks of heated disagreements.

We gathered from reliable sources rhat the demolition was carried out at about 4am and it was facilitated by men of the Nigeria Police Force.

We were told that some women and youths who had gathered around the property to prevent any action by the government were dispersed with tear gas and gunshots before bulldozers were seen driving into the large compound.

The Police reportedly condoned off the area as the bulldozers went to work. We also learnt that large blast were heard from within the property and it was later revealed that the booming sounds were that of dynamites used by men of the Kwara State Bureau of Lands to destroy buildings.

Dynamites used for the demolition

The Kwara State Government has stated that the land will be used for the State Secretariat and that no payment was made when the land was originally allocated to a private company.

Senator Saraki had insisted that the land was allocated to a company owned by his late father, Dr Olusola Saraki and it had all the correct documents.

We even learnt that there was a court order restraining the government from this sort of action.

Menawhile, since the demolition, there has been no comment and calls to Mr Yusuf Olaniyonu, Saraki’s Media Adviser had not been answered.



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