Life On A Cruise: A Possibility In Nigeria

Do you ever wonder why people were so in love with the ship, Titanic, before she sank? Someone said you haven’t truly lived until you go on a cruise trip. We are not talking about a boat cruise or a boat ride. We mean going on a cruise liner; the type that takes you to multiple cities over time. ‘Life at sea’ as some people would call it albeit for a specific duration.

If you are wondering if this is possible from Nigeria, the answer is a resounding yes. People have been booking for international cruises from Nigeria, way back as 2015. Thanks to Royal Caribbean Nigeria (the representative of the Royal Caribbean International) and a few other tour agencies like Tour Brokers International, arrangements for a cruise can be made from right here.  This doesn’t mean they board the cruise liners here in Nigeria though. Passengers still have to go to the countries that operate such like Dubai to start the journey till they get to their destination.

The reason it isn’t a popular means of travel in Nigeria is that you may need a lot of visas and appropriate documentation before you can book for a pleasure cruise experience.

If it already sounds expensive and stressful why should it be on your bucket list as a tourist? Here are 9 perks of signing up for a Cruise:

  1. It’s An All-Inclusive Vacation On The Sea.

A cruise ship has it all, swimming pools, library, cinema, theatre, dance halls, fine dining, bars, kiddies play area, game centres, spa, fitness centres, etc. You can never get bored on a cruise ship because there is something for everyone.

  1. You Can Kill Many Birds With One Stone!

The cruise doesn’t just take you from one country to the next (unless that’s what you signed up for). You get to stop at numerous ports in different countries and go on excursions in certain cities before boarding the cruise ship again. So rather than visiting one city at a time, you get to visit multiple cities in one trip.

  1. It’s Cost Effective

If you visit 5 countries individually, you would have to pay for return tickets with different airlines, worry about accommodation cost per city, and have access to limited attractions because of budget constraints. With a cruise, accommodation and transportation are sorted out and you can choose tour packages off-board (which are an out-of-pocket expense) and have the ship’s English-speaking tour guide and intra-city transportation covered.

  1. You Also Get Free Entertainment

Entertainment like Movies, Karaoke, Pool/Hot tub, Performance shows, Piano bars, a live band, basketball, rock climbing and golf are free on a cruise. Depending on the package you pay for when booking the cruise, you could have access to certain freebies throughout the trip like a front-row seat at the theatre, dance lessons, dinner in a speciality restaurant, etc.

  1. You Get To Try New Foods

You have 24 hours access to food and beverages like tea, fruits, salad bars, etc. You have all you can eat buffets if you want an informal dining experience and full course meals servings at the Diner. They include the cost of feeding in the base price (except you opt for a speciality restaurant on board). They vary the food choices on a cruise and you get to try options you may never come across here in Nigeria.

  1. It’s Family Friendly

There are different parts of the ship with onboard entertainment geared towards different age groups. So it makes for an ideal family vacation. As long as you and your family members have a means for communicating and not wandering off from agreed locations, couples can sneak off and enjoy alone time. It is a carefree way to travel so you should be just fine on a cruise ship.

  1. It’s a Great Way To Meet New People

People from all over the world sign up for cruises. So you get to socialise and network with people from different cultures which always keeps the conversations on board lively whether you are going solo or with a group. You get to bond with strangers over common activities like the off-board excursions or around the sports/fitness facilities. Some people even find love and romance on a cruise.

  1. Your Security Is Guaranteed

With security personnel and doctors on deck, room safes, CCTV Cameras and unique passenger ID, your property won’t get stolen. The ship’s crew are very organised so no tales of missing pieces of luggage. Also, you get to go on tours outside the cruise with people just like you wanting to get back safely. So you are in good company during the tours.

  1. It’s Ideal For Celebrating Memorable Moments

With all the perks of being on a cruise, it makes it the best choice for going on a honeymoon or celebrating special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. You get to watch the sun rise and the moon shine over the ocean and see the skyline of cities before you approach them. You have time to engage in activities that will go down in memory lane as simply remarkable.

Now you know how wonderful a cruise is, isn’t it worth putting on your bucket list?


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