Editorial: Easter And Its Message Of True Leadership

Another Easter is here and we have been flooded with messages from Nigerian both at the state and federal level. Everyone is writing on the essence of Easter and preaching about what Jesus Christ did by paying the Supreme price for the sins of the world.

This in deed is a time for real sober reflection because Christ showed himself as a true exemplary, he led from the front and practiced what he preached.
Christ was a leader who mingle freely with his disciples and walked freely amongst the masses of the people, ate our leaders doing this?

Even our religious leaders have also joined the politicians in the competition of ” My convoy is longer than your”. The same people we claim we serve are harried and harassed off the road at will, is this the kind of leadership that Christ showed.

We also saw Christ wash the feet of commoners. This is a powerful symbol that leadership should be service above self. Whoever cannot serve others should not expert to be served.
Our leaders have forgotten that they are there to serve and not to rule.They constantly show selfishness instead of selflessness.

In his Easter Message, President Muhammadu Buhari stated that Easter ” Is the most important feast in the Christian calender and represents God’s redemptive mission over humanity, the triumph of light over darkness, hope over despair and good over evil.
He noted that it was a time to emulate the virtues of love, sacrifice, forgiveness, humility, courage, and endurance”

Very nice words from the father of the nation, at THE Boss we urge our eaders to reflect on these words. Are they loving enough?Are they making enough sacrifice?Are they showing enough humility? Are they exhibiting the kind of courage needed to turn the nation from poverty to prosperity?

It is not enough to write about Easter and uts significance, it is now time for our leaders to walk their talk.


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