Stylish Retro Dresses That Spin Heads

By Ajibade Morakinyo

The difference between ancient and modern style of clothes is the so called civilization. But many seem blindfolded not to distinguish the return of retro clothes in modern sense.

There are ancient dresses which many rock today without knowing they were practically ‘panel beated’ from ancient times to suit the now. As a result, fashionistas have unknowingly rocked their ancestors fashion style.

Although in every modern style of clothes, there is atom of ancient style. Several dresses of ancient world have trended the modern atmosphere like the Palazzo, Oleku, Danshiki, Dandogo, Gbárìyè-onígba-awé, Agbada, Babban riga (in Hausa), Okpu Agwu (in Ibo), and countless others.

Many people now prefer these clothes over the European-brought Jean and shirt, and suits of different kinds. Even the ‘Whites’ no doubt, prefer these ancient styles of Nigerian wears to theirs; but in different dimension.

With this, Nigerians ancient dress sense has been repackaged by its designers. Good though! Moreover, here is the modern way of rocking the retro listed above, and that can create a scene of ‘all eyes on me’ for you. Rocking this will surely make you arrive at something unique when next you want to rock that special occasion’s ‘Aso Ebi’.

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