The Electoral College and the Future of Democracy in Nigeria

The Electoral College is a non-partisan and non-governmental organization that has focused itself on Politeracy which it uses to explain political literacy

The college is a year old and during COVID pandemic lockdown under the stewardship of its Executive Director Kunle Lawal it launched a course titled Politeracy and Governance 101 virtually and graduated its first online class in May. Courses are free but demand a sixty percent participation to receive a certificate and delivered on zoom with an experienced set of facilitators on different modules; which cover all tiers of governance and its functions, campaign manifesto and political party structure and as extensive as the role of the Judiciary in elections.

It commenced registrations for its current class running from October to December on the last Monday of October and with the ongoing situation in the country, it sparked a surge with the college receiving over 19,000 applications but could only take in a maximum of 1,800 at a time. This just emphasizes the need and yearning for Nigerians to understand and participate in governance now more than ever.

The third batch of the classes, has begun and showcases facilitators like Olufunke Rekiya Hassan ( an Alumni of the college and Vice- chairman of Onigbondo LCDA), Kevin Akoje (2019 Kogi East senatorial candidate), Mabel Ogundayo ( A Councillor in the UK), Kunle Lawal (Executive Director of the Electoral college Nigeria and 2019 FCT senatorial candidate) , Busayo Morakinyo (CODE), Samaila Poloma (Astute Gombe state Politician and Ex-Aide to the Governor) and a host of others

The Electoral College understands to redirect the future of the most populous black Nation, political literacy can’t be undermined and for now funds for its operations are sourced from its board but don’t limit its goal to educate a million Nigerians before 2023. This goal has increased as efforts to delivering a Politeracy and Governance class is on Radio, thanks to the collaboration and support of WE FM 106.3 FM Abuja with a plan to extend these to indigenous languages across the nation in 2021.

At the electoral College its experienced board are saddled with executive responsibilities while it’s regional board deal with operating procedures which has kept and continually strengthening work done at the college. The College believes that the people need to understand governance and the functionality of office before holding such offices accountable, it also would educate the public on the constitution and the quick wins that could be amended for the nation. It’s operations hasn’t limited the Electoral College Nigeria from taking making major steps in the democratic space from its support for continuous PVC registration to providing social media guidelines for people who wield political office and is a champion for electronic elections not only for the lives and costs it would save the country from losing but also in full stand against the disenfranchisement of the Nigerians living in Diaspora who contribute a huge chunk of revenue to the nation.

The college continues to stay focused on the people, enlightening and empowering them to be involved in political processes.

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