Erica: The New Pandemic

By Eric Elezuo

Call her enfante terrible, and you will not be far from the truth. Of course she is, or why was or is she getting all the attentions from the Big Brother House, even as she is now an ex-housemate. She is Erica Ngozi Nlewedim. The unofficial face BBNaija 2020.

In the history of the Big Brother Naija, no single individual has received the attention the character, Erica had received and continued to receive (Tacha tried though). Even from those who claim not to like her style of portraying herself.

Right from the first day she entered the House, it was obvious that the 26 years old hitherto unknown actress had something up her sleeves. She was determined to make an impact, and by so doing launch herself into the entertainment and social circle. she has done just that.

Initially, Erica had reasoned that the eye will be on Eric, another housemate, and her first few days in the house saw her sticking close to him. But Eric was not the messiah she needed. It didn’t take her time to where the onions lies; Kiddwaya, the cute son of billionaire businessman, Terry Waya. Both hit out, and as they say, the rest is history.

“What drew me to Kiddwaya was we have some similarities. We are both carefree, we are both crazy and kind of complete babies too and our conversations flowed naturally”, Erica said.

As the entertainment world were continually divided over their support between Kiddwaya, the rich kid, and Laycon, the hustler, Erica was behind the curtains working her way to wealth and stardom. And her today status proves that she definitely achieved her aim…of becoming a pandemic for the right or wrong reasons depending on your side of the divide.

Shortly after her disqualification for gross misconduct on Sunday, September 6, 2020, fans raised over $19,000 for her through GoFund Me, making her an instant millionaire as well as a car gift and two million Naira from  a fan, who is an instagram car dealer.

Erica was sent packing from the house after Big Brother gathered the housemates at the lounge and played videos of her threatening to kill Laycon outside the house and her hurling insults at him.

Also a video of her pouring water on the Head of House (HoH) bed in order to stop Prince, who is her deputy from sharing the lounge with her, was played. Her actions violated article 18 of the rule book and disqualified her from the show.


However, during an exclusive interview with the organisers, she tendered an unreserved apology to housemates including Laycon, Prince and Dorathy for her untoward behaviour, but that was too little too late, but still made an impact in her followers. The internet took more praises when a group of beautiful Sierra Leonian girls dedicated a song to her honour.

Her absence in the house in the last one week has created a kind of void never experienced before, as even Kiddwaya wishes to be evicted to reunite with the pandemic, Erica. Both have sure struck a cord which may lead to the altar in the coming days.

It must be noted that everything Erica did in the house were all tailored to keep her relevant even after leaving the house. She inadvertently went under the sheet with Kiddwaya, and confessed that they did ‘everything’ in there. Of course, the video that went viral suggests so. She ‘drunkenly’ attempted to share kisses with Laycon and was found in acts that could only be ascribed to spoilt children. But she wasn’t a spoilt child, just a girl on a mission.

“The lesson I have learnt is I should be happy with being alone. I noticed that I wasn’t fine with being alone but now I know that I have to be fine with being on my own”.

Though the show is behind her now, and the N85 million gone, Erica is waxing stronger, making herself a pandemic, which though you wish not to associate with, but is very much with you.

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