Death, An Inevitability That Awaits Every Mortal: Re: Kashamu’s Last Hour Make-Up with Sir Kesington Adebutu

By Aare Dr Kola Oyefeso.

I write as a free mind and someone who is an insider to the telephone conversation between Late Senator Buruji Kashamu and Sir Kesington Adebukunola Adebutu CON,KJW,FISM.

First and foremost as a Mystic, i must remind us of the inevitably of death. It is designed by the Creator Himself as a relief for the soul when our body has become enervated by disease,old age,accident or other mishaps that have made the soul inconduicive to inhabit the physical body anylonger.

This happens when our allotted time is over in this world. The individual time varies and it is determined by the Creator Himself according to the karma and purpose that brought us into the world in the first instance.

In effect, no one can add a mingy fraction of a minute, neither decrease the number of breath, nor the time alloted an individual because we have a perfect God who knows our past,the present and the future conjointly. The Supreme Lord has not created the world and lost the control of it. Ergo; Nothing happens without His concurrence irrespective of humans’ perception of events.

The purpose of this proem is to remind mankind that in all we do,we must place God first in our utterances, interactions and reactions with fellow beings. This goes as well with reactions to things and events for no action of us shall pass unrewarded- both the good and the bad.

The subject in issue is a plus plus for Senator Kashamu who on his bed made overtures to someone it is widely known and reported that Kashamu had persecuted or found fault with all the while. That was a classic at atonement with a very penitent heart and palpable remorseful action on the part of Kashamu,for which he must be applauded even in death.

The audio was very explicit that Kashamu sought forgiveness from Sir Adebutu, for whatever he has done against Sir Adebutu’s person and business. Sir Adebutu responded that if Kashamu was sincere,he should go and withdraw all the cases Kashamu had instituted against him to which request, Kashamu acquiesced. Sir Adebutu at that instance said, he forgives Kashamu and follow up saying God will forgive us all. All these were made unambiguous in the video.

The video call was released with a view to showing those who had been following the no love lust of Kashamu against the Adebutus that Kashamu actually atoned before he shed the mortal coil, and he was forgiven and no disaffection existed between the Kashamu and the Adebutus anylonger. No more No less.

Sir Adebutu has never been in politics and too late to be in politics. Nonetheless,Sir Adebutu remains a father to all politicians, irrespective of their party affiliations.

This represents the true position of what transpired between Senator Buruji Kashamu and Sir Kesington Adebukunola Adebutu CON,KJW,FISM before the former transitioned.

The purpose of this message is to set the record straight and not to engage in any rejoinder or cross-messaging with anyone who may choose to percieve the matter with a different lens.

May the soul of Kashamu find repose in the bosom of his Creator.


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