BBNaija 5: A Possible Romantic Cloud Hovers Around Eric and Erica

‘Season five’s housemates have officially begun the game and it would appear that alliances are being made faster than we may have expected’.

Apart from sharing the same name in the masculine and feminine equivalents, it seems Eric and Erica are bent on hitting on each other in the most romantic way. As the mates settled in, it was for some minutes, Erica shared a mild voltage moment with Eric that involved beard touching, looking into each other’s eyes while lying on his lap. Well, no one can deny that the actress and the six footer really shared an intimate moment.

As usual, the mates were welcomed by the new Big Brother voice, and were treated to a 5-minute tour of the new house right before a round table introduction over food and drinks.

The new housemates played a few games into the night probably to hoist the ‘getting to know you’ flag. So far, it’s obvious we have the big talker in the place of Neo who spoke extensively about his journey to the house and his famously polygamous family.

We can also spot the house chef in Ka3na who immediately took charge of kitchen duties.

All fingers are crossed awaiting the intrigues, thrills, scandals and possible ‘entanglements’.

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