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Oyindamola Adeyemi: The Amazing Amazon and Indefatigable Entrepreneur

By Michael Effiong and Eric Elezuo

In Africa’s very patriarchal system where gender neutrality is not a common topic, there are some sectors that have over the years been classified as the exclusive reserve of men.

But in the last couple of years, some women with their tenacity, integrity and ability to overcome fierce opposition have carved a niche for themselves by breaking this mythic glass ceiling-and one lady who has remarkably done just that in the Nigerian oil and gas, construction industry and financial services is Ms. Oyindamola Lami Adeyemi.

Still Earth Group, where Ms Adeyemi is the Group Managing Director, has proved its mettle in the intricate terrain of developing concepts and delivering mega projects across Nigeria.

Her vision when she founded Still Earth over a decade ago, still remains to deliver performance with purpose and her goal has always been to benchmark her operations with international best practices.

From the outset, Still Earth has had to leap over impossibly high hurdles to reach goals that had boggled the minds of contemporaries and competitors- all thanks to the able Ms Adeyemi, who has run the Group with her characteristic style of being decisive, bold and imaginative.

With an undeniable unmatchable can-do spirit, undeniably Ms Adeyemi, who believes that the infrastructural deficit in Nigeria is too wide, has a track record as a woman of steel has proven that challenges notwithstanding, indigenous companies can achieve amazing results with a good management and leadership.

That is the reason Still Earth pride’s itself as having the ability to deliver projects on budget, on time and with the best quality too!

As a premier general contractor highly regarded as one of the leading engineering & construction companies in Nigeria, Still Earth Construction and Realty now has a portfolio of completed projects and satisfied clients that are in both the public and private sectors. Indeed, it is setting its sights on conquering bigger, mega territories in all corners of Nigeria and abroad.

At the moment, the company is assiduously working on some major projects, and has successfully completed several projects of various categories both as direct contractors and sub-contractors.

Some of its reputable clients include Julius Berger Nigeria, Dangote Refinery, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd, Oyo State Government, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Lagos State Government, Ekiti State Government, Akwa Ibom State Government, Delta State Government, Federal Ministry of Transport, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited, many HNI’s amongst others. amongst others. These first-rate organisations certainly cannot be wrong!

The company’s aim is to develop the country’s infrastructural base by responsibly executing every project it is entrusted with, while creating real benefit for communities it serves by adopting principled and uncompromising approach to its professional and value standards.

It aims to be an international market leader, preferred general construction contractor that is globally recognized. Its focus is to achieve consistency and proficiency in the delivery of outstanding service, while adding value for clients through professionalism, pro-activity, creativity, transparency, timeliness and qualitative performance.

One major area that Still Earth has also thrived is its work force. Ms Adeyemi has marshalled her team well by activating and directing the positive energy of her people to achieve excellent results.

It has continued to invest in qualified talents and thus lead a workforce of trained individuals in order to become the industry major player in sector in line with its ambitious aspirations.

According to the company “Our objective is to work together as a team to achieve success on every project for our clients, through the professionalism, diligence and hard work that we profess and promote”

There is no doubt that Still Earth is driven by ingenuity and innovation, it has a human face because the Group Managing Director draws her deep understanding of both human and business dynamics to run an efficient organization. She always ensures to make it about the client and her company and nothing more.

Little wonder the company’s core mission is “To add exceptional, lasting value through our technical expertise, corporate culture and corporate social responsibility to our staff, clients, country and humanity”. Very Impressive!

Not done with just making a mark in the construction industry, like a typical knowledgeable serial entrepreneur, she has formed other companies and invested in other sectors. One of those new adventures is in the finance sector with the establishment of Still Earth Capital Finance.

Her journey to the top was not easy, according to her it was more of perspiration and perseverance “I have years of experience that spans the Banking Sector, Retail Marketing, Public Sector, Oil & Gas and Construction. My story is one of grit, resilience and persistence, which over the years has built a solid foundation to pursue excellence end-to-end and achieve higher goals.”

As a result of her sterling achievements, she has won many accolades including the African Leader of Integrity Merit Award – Excellence in Corporate Governance and Service Delivery from Accra, Ghana.

She earned her B.Sc Degree in Political Science from the University of Abuja, and an M.Sc Degree in Political Economy and Development from the same University and is also an alumna of the prestigious Harvard Business School, Massachusetts, Boston, after attending the Owner/ President Management Program.  Ms Adeyemi certainly has enough grounding to aspire to the top echelon of the business world where many turn problems to opportunities.

The reserved technocrat with both beauty and brains was born and raised in Gombe State, North Eastern Nigeria to a Yoruba father from Ondo State and Hausa/Fulani Mother.

Her multilingual, multi-ethnic upbringing has made her a bridge builder which enables her to feel free at home in the Northern or South Western part of Nigeria.

Fluent in both Hausa and Yoruba, Ms Adeyemi has built a solid reputation as one of the few entrepreneurs without an ethnic bias, which makes her such a distinctive and appealing business leader.

Though classy and fashionable, she is not the kind of executive you meet at every occasion, highly intellectual, she prefers negotiating complex deals and explaining the intricate genius of construction to spending time at social events.  She is indeed a respectable business amazon that is worthy of emulation.

For your dexterity, courage and service to humanity, you are our Boss of the Week. Congratulations ma!

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