Aderemi Faults Adegboruwa on Buhari’s Power to Order Lockdown

By Eric Elezuo

A prince of Ile-Ife, Adedamola Aderemi, has faulted the declaration of curfew on Abuja, Lagos and Ogun by President Muhammadu Buhari as illegal by top legal practitioner, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa SAN.

Aderemi noted that the revered lawyer may have forgotten that the country is dealing with a global pandemic, which threatens breakdown of law and order if practical steps are not taken urgently. He cited the example of the United States of America which though practices high level of democracy still has its President Donald Trump dishing out executive orders on a daily basis to deal with the global crisis.

Adegboruwa had said shortly after Buhari’s nationwide broadcast that the President lack the power to declare emergency in any part of the country without the express permission of the National Assembly.

Aderemi further advised lawyers to keep shut if they have nothing important to say at this time.

Read Aderemi’s full statement:

Very few nations practise federalism as much as the United States. Yet, President Trump has been making executive orders that transcends federal powers you may say.

In any event, inter-state matters fall within the purview of the FG and not the States and s.45 of the Constitution gives power to derogate from the kind of fundamental rights that Adegborouwa SAN seeks to protect.

Perhaps he forgets that this is a global pandemic crisis and to prevent a total breakdown of law and order which will occur soon, if practical steps are not taken, the citizenry must be willing to give up some rights.

Life is not all about a pedantic resort to law. And right now, all that is important is our lives. Lawyers must get that and shut up if they have nothing better to offer.

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