At The 8th Edition Of Rufus Okikiola Ositelu Colloquium In Lagos

By: Adeyemi Funmilayo

Members of the Church of the Lord (Prayer Fellowship) from far and wide converged at Aladura Comprehensive High School Multipurpose Hall , Anthony Village, Lagos to celebrate the birth of a robust preacher, a prolific writer of impact a global phenomenon in person of His Holiness Dr. R.O Ositelu , The 4th primate of the church of the Lord (Prayer Fellowship) Wordwide.

8th edition of the RUFUS Okikiola Ositelu Colloquium was originally conceived to provide an intellectual platform to convass ideas, interrogate issues and proffer solutions to social malaise plaguing our society.

Cross session of dignitaries (1)

The major objectives of the Foundation are the promotion of democracy, freedom, human rights, justice and the rule of law in a nonpartisan manner.

To award scholarships to well -endowed but financially disadvantaged students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Nigeria, World Poverty Capital Amidst Plethora of Resources: The Panacea is the theme of the 2019 edition of the ROOF Annual Colloquium.

Cross session of dignitaries (2)

Anchored by Olayinka Omoniyi , the event had Professor Abayomi Adebayo as the guest speaker and chaired by Executive Chairman of Kosofe Local Government, Hon. Afolabi Sofola.

During the guest speaker speech he said “We can not continue to live in denial . Nigeria is a plurality society with multiple ethnicities, languages and religions , and should be run in accordance with the basic tenets of federalism. Anything to the contrary is absurd and a waste of time: and sows the seed of mutual distruct and anarchy.

Prof. Abayomi Adebayo receiving his award from His Holiness Dr. Rufus Okikiola Ositelu

He went further to urge the political leaders to take bold step of restructuring the country into regions for healthy competition among the constituent units.

The icing on the cake of the Colloquium is the award of scholarships grant to sixteen (16) students from different tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Emmanuel Ayorinde receiving grant from the celebrant

Emphatically, the essence of the grant is to assist very brilliant students but who are financially incapable in pursuit of their education.

Immediately after the students have been awarded the celebrant cut his well designed cake and the event was rounded off the Nigeria National Anthem .

Executive Chairman of Kosofe, Hon. Afolabi Sofola receiving his award from His Holiness Dr. Rufus Okikiola Ositelu

His Holiness Dr. Rufus Okikiola Ositelu giving the closing prayer

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