Potentiality Digest: The Fortress of the Year 2020

By Sodeeq Abdulakeem Sulyman

I would say 2020 was the Year of the Face Mask. It was the most adorned piece of clothing. It was one little piece of clothing that unified the human race. The divides created by race, gender, religion and ethnicity fizzled out under the mask.” – Simon Kolawole

Like all other years, the whole of humanity welcome the Year 2020 with a lot of excitement, filled with both individual and collective resolutions and aspirations. But as the Year wore on, most notably when it was at infancy, the whole of humanity was gripped with an unprecedented and one of the most debilitating challenge human race has ever wrestle with – the novel COVID-19.
Although, the COVID-19 belongs to the same family of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which was first battled with in the beginning of this millennium – around 2002/2004. Nonetheless, on the 10th of December 2019, the COVID-19 was discovered in China, and every piece of information shared about it showed that it poses threat to human conjugation and survival of humanity. It is simply an agent of destruction and acute abjection.
By the time the virus started spreading across other parts of the world, government and leaders across board were forced to be devising peculiar means of curbing the effect of the virus, which was later named pandemic in February, by the World Health Organisation. Lockdowns were imposed; borders – land, sea and air – were closed by nations, face masks became one of the antidotes to reducing the spread of the virus.
As the entire world grapples with lockdowns in various measures, the first thing the pandemic tasked us with, is our creativity. The pandemic stretched us to be scientifically, intellectually and mentally inventing ideas that will redefine the current state humanity found itself. Despite that it came with a new normal, it also amplify the medical approaches and fortified us to birth ideas that armed us against the pandemic.
Someone once said, “Sometimes a lockdown like this could compel you to rediscover the beauty around and inside you.” Indeed, the COVID-19, had paved the way for lockdowns for the evolution of various fora and platforms aimed at equipping and enriching our competency towards problem solving, decision making, personal and professional development.
It has been shown in various histories of human evolution that, when it is time for the world to change, what always preceded the unprojected but unprecedented change always looks like tragedy. But because humanity is reposed with power to make a choice from what plagues it, we have chosen survival, triumphs. Ralph Waldo Emerson was of the view that “It is a lesson which all history teaches wise men, to put trust in ideas, not circumstances.”
Another thing we should be appreciating this Year for, no matter the shares – pains or purpose – it has offered and showed to us, is the rejuvenation of marital bliss – I know it may sound anecdotal. Before the arrival of the COVID-19, many homes have been in a torrid state. But in the wake of its first wave, most husbands were forced to return home, have nice time with their families, rekindle their emotions, embolden their bond by resolving and reconciling the differences causing conflict in their respective homes.
This Year had refilled most people’s drives and recharged their enthusiasm on finding means of collaborating with others, in order to collectively proffer solutions to problems affecting the unity and progress of the human race. These people are symbolising the description of Lyndon Johnson that “There are no problems we cannot solve together and very few that we can solve by ourselves.”
Also, this Year had exposed the cluelessness and inanes of some leaders across the world. As the pandemic was wreaking havoc, some presidents of countries and captains of industries are implementing policies which further compounded the woes of their subjects and exposed their lack of empathy. As the pandemic wore on, instead for these leaders to become the source of hope to their subjects, they scribble the people to despair. For those leaders, either elected or appointed, they missed the opportunity to write their names in gold!
As you are aware that as at today, the pandemic had consumed more than 1.75 million lives across the world, you and me owe this Year some gratitude for sparing us, irrespective of the havocs it had wreaked. We are not better than those fallen souls, we are just privileged to be given another chance to live life optimally and be part of the generation that will protect the new normal caused by the pandemic.
Let’s us also deeply appreciate the Medical Practitioners and Health Workers. They are the frontrunners in the battle we fought this Year 2020. Some of them made the highest sacrifice by laying down their lives in their quest of protecting the human race. They have proven to us and display to the whole of humanity that, if we join forces to fight a scourge, then we will definitely be victorious. They are the real heroes.
Year 2020 is truly filled with vision. But because it is filled with many unexpected twists and turns, it is leaving us with scars and stars that can either cause the surge for a freed world or darkens the enslavement ravaging some human race. Joseph Lenin remarked that “There are decades when nothing happens and there are days when decades happen.”
SULYMAN, Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Writer. He can be reached via +2348132226994. Watch out for my next book titled: “The Path to Greatness,” foreword by Henry Ukazu

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