Rep Proposes Return to Parliamentary System of Government

The lawmaker representing Igboeze North/ Udenu Federal Constituency of Enugu State in the House of Representatives, Mr Simon Atigwe, has said returning Nigeria to the parliamentary system of government will accelerate the nation’s development.

Atigwe, who spoke to our correspondent on the telephone on Monday, argued that the system would allow the regional governments to engage themselves in a healthy developmental competition.

“The regions will struggle to beat one another in terms of economic policies and wealth creation. It will also increase job creation,” he said.

The lawmaker noted that apart from leadership failure, “institutional failure is also part of the challenges bedevilling Nigeria over the years.”

Atigwe said the country needed strong institutions as much as purposeful leadership to become great.

The lawmaker stated that strong institutions serve as the engine room of driving the process of governance.

He said, “With strong institutions, a nation with the misfortune of bad leadership may not suffer a serious setback in its development drive, but a country with weak or moribund institutions coupled with bad leadership will not only be stagnated but will draw backward when compared with others in a similar journey, as it is the case with Nigeria over the years.

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