International Space Station: A Wonderland In Space

By: Ajibade Morakinyo

If you consider your ‘taste board’ for adventure needs a new and uncommon experience to settle for. Then, a visit to this wonderland land, International Space Station, is for you. A place which gives you a distinct feel and fun far outside that which any tourism site on earth has and can give you. Here, the globe in front of you. Fantastic right?

Indeed it is. As the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, sets to open the International Space Station to business ventures including space tourism in 2020, you should not be left out in having a feel of this travel.

While you could spend up to 30 days in Space with your friends and family seeing the earth from another perspective they could have ever imagined in life. NASA made it known in a report released that as many as a dozen private astronauts could visit the ISS per year.

To achieve this, tourists who won’t necessarily be US citizens would be exclusively ferried to the space through the NASA travelers; currently under development by two American company: SpaceX, with its Crew Dragon capsule, and Boeing, which is building one called Starliner.

These two vehicles Dragon and Starliner will be ready by late 2019 but the timetable depends on the results of a series of tests. So the private missions will have to wait until 2020 at the earliest.

However, each tourist will pay about $35,000 to NASA for the adventure to this wonderland, ISS. This will cover their use of the station, food, water and use of the life support system. This doesn’t not include internet, which will cost $50 per gigabyte.

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