Opinion: Hope You’ve Saved School Fees Like You Saved for Sallah and Ram

By Eric Elezuo

Not only does the ember months which begin with September portend danger in Nigeria, it also connotes period of extreme school activities, payment of school fees, moving to new classes and in some cases to new schools. All in all, it is a period when high amount of money is budgeted for school because many things are involved including buying of wears, school bags and other accessories. Apart from that, this is a period when annual fees are paid, and they don’t come in small digits irrespective of the type of school or its location.

But that should not be a problem for a good number of parents because a long space has been provided to meet up with this responsibility. Ever since schools vacated for the long vacation or summer as it is referred to in other climes, common sense has prevailed, demanding that ample arrangements should be made in anticipation of the almighty September so as not come upon anyone by accident.

The academic wellbeing of a child should be of paramount importance to any parent and that includes making sure the child does not become a subject of ridicule in the academic environment. This is done by doing everything possible to ensure that the child is not sent out school as a result of default in payment of school fees or any other fees, especially now that ample opportunity and time was provided to meet up – three whole months!

It is doubtful if there is any Moslem home where rams, cows or other animals were not slaughtered and elaborate ceremony held to celebrate the just concluded eid-Kabir festival. That is not bad neither is there anything wrong about it. However, if at resumption of academic activities, parents who had killed one animal or another, bought expensive wears, fed people in their tens and hundreds begin to beg headmasters and principals for more time to raise school fees and other sundry fees for their children to avoid being sent out of school, then it becomes bad.

Most parents started saving for the sallah celebration since January, and it is same for those hoping to celebrate Christmas later in the year. Which is more shameful; that one pay his children school fees or he cannot slaughter ram or goat or cow for a celebration. Well, your guess is as good as mine. Howbeit, remember it takes the same agility to save for festivities to save for academic purposes. A child whose parents entertained a whole lot of visitors during the festival will naturally expect his fees to be paid in due time. Anything less, it definitely affects his psyche and reduce the said parents’ worth in his sight.

Again, the school fees parents pay are the source of the meager take home pay the teachers are given every 30 days. It is therefore, not very palatable if they are denied their salary at the end of the month. So let’s do the right thing.

I know our parents are smart, and that they must have save for school fees the same way they saved for Sallah festival. One is good, the other is good as well. So I hope you saved for school fees the same way you saved for Sallah and rams.

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