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Lamentations of Tinubu’s Supporters



By Eric Elezuo

Exactly two months into the presidency of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, things have literally fallen apart, and the centre can no longer hold. It is therefore, not out of place to say that ‘mere anarchy is loosed upon the world’ to borrow from a literary genius, William Butler Yeats. The level of devastation, hunger and lost of revenue in the 60 days of Tinubu administration has made even his core supporters lament openly, punctuating every cry with attendant regrets.

A cross section of Nigerians, especially supporters of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and that of Tinubu’s immediate and extended kitchen cabinet, have learnt their voices in condemnation of the policies that have continued to emanate from the coffers of the Federal government. The said policies have severally depreciated the average Nigerian, rendering him incapacitated in the economic equilibrium.

With the spontaneous “subsidy is gone” pronouncement, which the president said came about as a spot of an idle hour, Nigerians began a journey internalized hardship, which has been served to all and sundry, especially the less privileged.

Tinubu had said while addressing Nigerians in France during an interactive session, that he was possessed by the spirit of courage to remove subsidy on the inauguration podium, thereby deviating from the manifesto the party presented as regards gradual phasing out. The pronouncement was made without consultations nor a road map to achieving the aim or mitigating its consequences. It was not a surprise therefore, that the ripple effects continue to richochet negatively in the subconscious of the citizens. Today, according to the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), the average worker spends 70 per cent of his salary on transportation, and food prices have hit the roof.

Today, not only was the subsidy on fuel removed as the product sells for at least N617, policies affecting education, power, purchasing power of the naira among others have been released, further impoverishing the people. In unity schools as well as federal higher institutions, tuition fees have increased drastically and the NLC is planning a mother of all strike from August 2.

Much as the administration has given hopes of a better tomorrow after the present hardship, Nigerians are not convinced as the standard of living continue to slip through the hands of the populace. The present situation has developed a parlance of its own; ‘let the poor breathe’.

An Abuja resident, in a video which went viral, revealed that apart from holding the masses on the jocular through unpopular economic policies, Tinubu has been a cause of massive traffic congestion on the Abuja road each time he commutes to and from his office in Aso Rock.

The resident revealed that the President has not moved into his official residence in the Aso Rock Villa, but still lives in his personal home in Maitama, from where he comes to work every morning, and return to every evening.

“See the hold up we face every morning because Tinubu is going to the office. We have to be blocked from movement for a whole 30 minutes so that he will pass. This is not fair. He has refused to move into his official residence, but comes from his home in Maitama,” he said.

While a lot of the citizens are silent protesting through mass exodus to Europe, America and other countries of privileges, some others are venting their anger and frustration through the social media with recorded versions of their thoughts.

Speaking in Yoruba, a social media user, who identified himself as Kunle Ologundudu, lambasted the Tinubu administration in a 12 minutes video, saying that the expectations of Nigeria fall short of what is happening.

He said: “Bola Tinubu what’s happening? We are not understanding what’s going on.

“Nigerians are pained with the way things are going. Bola Tinubu, when did you assume power that the Nigerians are having a hiccup? An adage says the eyes that would be healthy for one’s old age will not have rheum (sleep crust) at an early age. Imagine a lady yet to be married into a family that’s already beating the mother-in-law. What will happen when she is finally married?

“When did you assume power that everything is extremely hard? Buhari is still being labeled as an unfortunate and incompetent president but what name suits you better? Many Nigerians were killed, extreme hunger ravaged the land, and many languished under the administration of Buhari. Eventually, it was with curses that Nigerians used to usher him out of office just like Ibrahim Babangida and General Sani Abacha.

“Bola Tinubu, do you want curses from Nigerians too? The hardship Buhari left for Nigerians, we thought you would cushion the effect. But instead of reliving the populace of this hardship, you intensified it. Many took you as the messiah; thinking you would embrace and execute the plans of MKO Abiola, not knowing it was an oppressor we were all voting for. We thought if a Yoruba is in power, he will be beneficial to us. Your antecedents in Lagos State were why many campaigned for you throughout the country. Many Nigerians could not have sound sleep because of hunger. The whip Tinubu is flogging Nigerians with is greater than what was experienced by Buhari.

“When he was campaigning, he said we would remove the subsidy. Many actually thought he has a concrete plan on how removing it will not bring so much hardship to Nigerians. But now, Nigerians are languishing in extreme hardship because of subsidy removal. Your government is only advising Nigerians to be patient, saying you just assumed power. You might think this advice is working while PMS is sold at N500. Currently, the same PMS is sold for N600. I rally for the South-West to vote for you, but you want to damage my reputation for giving my support to you.

“The hope of Nigerians was that you being a wise man will not thread the path of Buhari. The amount saved from subsidy removal, since you assumed power, should be made known to Nigerians. Of course, Nigerians don’t even know the actual amount PMS costs from importation. I just hope Nigerians have not been taken from frying pan to fire. Bola and Shetima, this is miserable. Sadly, PMS moved from N500 to N600, and the news is that the pump price would reach N800 by September, and N1000 by December 2023. I hope this is not a case of madness. All borders are closed. The prices of tomatoes and meats in the markets are unbelievable. What kind of destructive government is?

“The fact that you are now a president doesn’t mean we that campaigned for you cant advise you anymore. All Nigerians who initially have hope in you are now weeping. The kidnappers on Nigerian roads have now returned. Bola Tinubu, Shetima, Dele Alake, Gbajabiamila, the steps you have taken since you assumed power does not in any way inspire hope in Nigerians that you are here to help. This is because those making up your cabinet are a bunch of thieves. They all have court cases of missing billion of naira to account for. Of course, Bola Tinubu is aware of it. Those being probed by the EFCC for embezzlement are now the ones you are appointing. Where are we going in this country and who can save us from this predicament?

“The note Bola Tinubu started with is a sign that Nigerians should not be quiet about expressing their displeasure. I have always been saying that the fact that I campaigned for any politician does not make me the friend of any politician. If you do well in power, I will continue to support you. But I will never support thieves. If you amend your ways, I will support you again. I am a mouthpiece of the masses.

“Imagine, Nigerians are hungry yet the National Assembly is planning N70bn for their cars and all. They are excited as every month they take about N30bn yet they are even complaining it’s not sufficient.

“Whereas, they are planning N8000 for Nigerians every month. Bola Tinubu, if the borrowed N800bn was used to create companies that can employ at least 500,000 workers. You don’t this would cushion the hardship on Nigerians. What do they even think N8000 can do in the current hardship?

“It’s so sad that Tinubu’s administration started on a very bad note. It’s so unfortunate that we vote for Tinubu.
Anyway, this is not a fight, it is just a warning. The agenda you made known to Nigerians was different from the joker card you’re playing after you have been voted into power. Who will truly teach the Yorubas how to stick to their promises? Many Ibos in the diaspora have urged Bola Tinubu to free Nnamdi Kanu from DSS custody. Yet, no Yoruba is talking about the arrested Sunday Igboho. This is a slap to the Yorubas; their own child, no one is talking about him since he has been arrested. Then, someone will say the Yorubas don’t backbite. If so, where is the wisdom of the Yorubas or is it that they don’t need Sunday Igboho? The ibos are fighting for their own, yet the Yorubas are quietly doing nothing. It has been forgotten that Sunday Igboho was also arrested because he is fighting for the course of the Yorubas independence. If not for God, the Ibo would have taken Lagos from them. In case you don’t know, the part I played in this victory cannot be overemphasised. If I could change the tune of my support against this government, then you are in trouble. You have to start making amendments.

“Bola Tinubu and Shetima, is it a crime I supported you? You pleaded that we support the Yoruba. The success I have is that I have delivered the assignment the Yoruba sent me towards ensuring that a Yoruba became the president of Nigeria. Now it is left for Tinubu to set on a good course.

“Madam first lady of Nigeria, talk to your husband. He was even saying the price of fuel cannot be determined for now. Rumors have it that fuel might get to N1000 before this year’s December. This is just a stern warning of what coming if things are not properly coordinated to relieve the populace. My name is Kunle Ologundudu…”

Another social media commentator, who identified himself as Olalekan Olarewaju, reeled out insulting invective against the president and his administration, saying he is yet to understand the trend of events as what is happening is not what Nigerians bargain.

He said: “This is something I can postpone but I might not have time during the day again. I still don’t understand what is going on in Yoruba land. I still don’t understand it. If anybody understands it, please, can you enlighten me on what is going on in Yoruba land, especially Lagos state? I still don’t understand what is going on in Lagos State.

“And I still don’t understand what is going on in Yoruba land in general. One man, one fraudulent man called Bola Ahmed Tinubu cannot hold everybody to ransom. One foolish idiot, fraudulent man, a lazy man called Bola Ahmed Tinubu cannot hold everybody to ransom. If he’s not a lazy man, why is it that politics is a source of livelihood? Nothing to show apart from politics. He doesn’t have any industry, he doesn’t have any business, apart from being a mercantilist politician. So, I would not understand why one stupid idiot or a bastard called Bola Ahmed Tinubu will hold everybody to ransom in the hold of the South-West. I still don’t understand it. I still don’t get it. And I never knew that Yoruba are cowards. I never knew that Yoruba are the most, with due respect, are the most foolish tribe in Nigeria. Until one man called Bola Ahmed Tinubu appeared on the scene. I never knew that Yoruba people worship money until one man called Bola Ahmed Tinubu appeared on the political scene. I never knew that the Black are Cowards until one man called Bola Ahmed Tinubu appeared on the political scene. I don’t owe anybody an apology. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t. Look at my face very well. I don’t owe anybody an apology.

“My name is Olalekan Olarewaju. So whatever you want to do, go and do it. Whatever you want to do, go and do it. Where another person’s madness ends is where another’s started from. Those that MC Oluomo and all that we think are strong are not strong. God bear me witness. We only allowed them in Nigeria. I’m not making mouth, if I’m with Tinubu in court, he will poo on himself. Who the hell is Tinubu? That he wants to Lord it over everybody. This is a man that has no school cert, his parents are unknown. The schools he attended are unknown. His names are unknown. He doesn’t have any name. All those names that he’s carrying, are fake names. This is a man that nobody knows his classmate when he was in school.”

On their part, a youth group, which identified itself as Youth Progressive arm of APC, told the president to have a rethink of some of his policies to help the ‘common Nigerian’.

Their letter reads:

“President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, we are the young progressive arm of the All Progressive Congress. We fought vigorously to get you elected. We hope for a new Nigeria under your leadership and believe your promises.

“Mr. President, how can you allow bribery, fraud, and corruption to taint a new administration? How can you allow your chief of staff, Femi Gbajabiamila, to continue to sub your authority? He’s allegedly hiding important files of national importance from reaching you. He continues to sabotage our nation’s financial dealings due to his monetary interests. He collected millions of dollars in bribes from the old managing directors and chief executive officers in government agencies to retain them and exempted them from the board dissolution.

“He’s currently selling public offices, appointments, board members, and other agencies’ positions to the highest bidder, President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This is not a change Nigerians voted for. Already there is serious infighting within our party, the APC, and many youth and elder statesmen are angry at your leadership because of what Femi Gbajabiamila is doing by hiding documents, selling every position in government, and collecting millions of dollars in bribes. He’s slowly killing your new administration and Nigerians will turn against you if you allow this corruption to continue. Mr. President, God forbid that the Supreme Court declares a re-run of your election. Many angry youths and elders within the APC might betray you even if they are paid. Therefore, we are asking you to take charge of your government. Do not allow your Chief of Staff to be blinded by millions of dollars in bribes from old managing directors and chief executive officers in government agencies such as the NNPC, the NPA, NIMASA, NEMA, and other agencies.

“Mr. President, you recently borrowed 500 billion Naira for palliatives. However, these old managing directors and chief executive officers alone have spent over 500 billion Naira in paying unexecuted, fraudulent contracts to their cronies within the past one month because they know that they might be leaving any day. Nigerians are calling on you, Mr. President, to act, warn your Chief of Staff, and save Nigeria, dissolve these old managing directors and chief executive officers before they cripple our economy.”

Recall that Chief Dele Momodu, while granting an interview to Channels TV during the campaigns described Tinubu as a “potential dictator” based on his antecedents. The events of the past few weeks cannot be wrong.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Channels: You are inferring that he cannot be trusted as a friend. Is that what you are saying?

Momodu: I’m referring to dictatorship, nothing else. Democracy, I just said it now, I will never support a dictatorship. I suffered under a dictatorship. I was in detention. I was in exile for three years. I will never, that is why some of those who are trying to dictate that by fire, by force, someone must become president, I have told them, count me out of it. Dictatorship has no way in my books. So once you begin to demonstrate dictatorship…

Channels: in your books, Bola Tibubu is a dictator?

Momodu: He’s a potential dictator, let me use that word.

Channels: That is why, that is the spirit of your articles.

Momodu: The spirit of my article was an academic exercise. There was no way I disparaged him.

Time will tell what the Tinubu administration holds for Nigeria as the lamentations rise by day. It’s also a matter of time before the uprising begins.

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