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Adding Value: Journey to Greatness by Henry Ukazu



Dear Destiny Friends,

Action is the foundational key to all success – Pablo Picasso

Every one of us wants to be great, but the question many of us haven’t answered is, are you ready to pay the price for success?

Success on its own comes with a price tag depending on what you are willing to do, and the price you are willing to pay. Your journey might be a little bit different and relative.

The challenge most people have in life is that they are not willing to go through the organic process of gaining credibility which entails having theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject matter in addition to leaving their comfort zone.

According to a great philosopher, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step in the right direction. When you miss the foundation, you might be a victim of defective success. It should be noted that success means different things to different people. To some people, success means having a home, earning degrees (Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D etc); while to others, it might be getting married, having good children, being rich/wealthy, becoming a governor, president or attaining the highest level of their professional experience. However, the highest and best form of success is personal success.

The question we need to ask ourselves is, how do we attain success? Alternatively, we can say, what’s required to be successful? I think the first question we need to ask is, what do I want? When you answer that question, the next stage will be preparation. This is where the bulk of the work comes in.

It is sad to note that many people just want to be popular without minding whether the route is good or bad. In the same way, many people are just concerned about succeeding in their craft without minding what it takes provided they get what they want. They are not concerned about the ingredients of success. What they fail to understand is that genuine success is organic.

In the journey of life, we all have dreams, passions, visions, and goals we would like to achieve, but sometimes we don’t have the right structure or platform to navigate through the process. When you have these right dreams and vision, but lack the right direction, you might hit the rock.

According to Mary kay Ash, “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve

The journey of success is a long way to freedom. It entails networking with the right people, having the right mentors, mentees, associates experiencing failures and gaining theoretical and practical knowledge of the relevant information involved in addition to leaving your comfort zones amongst other variable factors. As you journey through this process, some people may laugh at you, but trust me, this is normal, especially when they don’t know what you are working on.

It’s sad to see that many people who want to succeed in life are scared of taking the bull by the horn, by taking reasonable and strategic risks as well as investing in their future. But the interesting thing is that great minds are willing to do what shallow minds are not willing to do. These great minds do not wish for an easy life because they know they can’t attain true success on a platter of gold. They must earn it and work for it. These successful people are concerned about action; they continue to move despite mistakes, challenges, disappointments, and any setbacks they may have.

Those who have truly embarked on this success journey know fully well that their success is not measured by what they were able to accomplish, but by the opposition they were able to overcome due to their courage. For you to truly succeed, you must love what you are doing. You can make money without loving what you do, but you can’t truly succeed without loving what you do.

It’s sad to note that most people are scared of making a move. Let me tell you, every day is an opportunity for you to make an impact. Go out and relate with people, ask questions; the worst you will get is a no. Even if you are rejected, you’ll know you have tried. Even the Bible book of life said, ask, you shall receive, seek, you will find, knock, and the door shall be opened unto you.

Be informed, no great thing ever happened without imagination. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, President Barack Obama, Mark Zukerberg, Michael Adenuga, Tony Elumelu and Henry Ukazu all dreamt of doing things. They didn’t just wish; they activated their interest.

Dear friend, you are carrying a big billion-dollar vision in your mind, don’t allow it die with you, the world is cheering for you. If you are determined to embark on your journey, you must be bold and dare to go the uncommon and less traveled path. You might be ignored, laughed at, and humiliated; that’s part of the price you have to pay for what you desire. When you get the inspiration in your spirit, write it down and spur it into action. Every one of us has a mission on earth. We all had a purpose which will be fulfilled on earth.

In conclusion, decide today what you’ll want the world to remember you for and dare to embark on the journey. Be advised, the process and journey might not be easy, but with your mentors and determination, you’ll succeed. I look forward to seeing you at the top.

Henry Ukazu writes from New York. He works with the New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator.  He’s a Transformative Human Capacity and Mindset coach. He is also a public speaker, youth advocate and creative writer Design Your Destiny and Unleash Your Destiny.  He can be reached via

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Sokoto Gov Signs New Chieftaincy Bills, Strips Sultan of Powers




Sokoto State Governor, Ahmed Aliyu, has signed the controversial Local Government and Chieftaincy Amendment Bill, along with five other bills, into law.

The newly enacted law removes the power of the Sultan of Sokoto to appoint district and village heads in the state,

The other bills signed into law are – Sokoto State Tenancy Law, Zakkat and Waqf Law, Discrimination Against People Living with Disability Law and Rural Roads Law.

The Governor, at the signing ceremony, on Thursday, said the changes were intended to enhance governance, not to target any individual or group.

His words: “We note with concern the unnecessary tension created by our proposal to amend some of these laws. Some of the reactions were politically motivated, while others were done ignorantly without care to inquire from the right quarters on the details and intention of the amendment,” Aliyu stated.

The governor asserted that legislative amendments are a common practice aimed at meeting the evolving needs of society and ensuring laws are aligned with current circumstances and the interests of the governed.

“Previous administrations had amended one law or the other in the state to give the state laws the needed touch that would fast-track peace and development.

“Let me make it clear that the just amended laws are not meant to witch-hunt any individual or group but rather to promote good governance and to remove the ambiguity and inconsistency with the nation’s constitution,” Aliyu explained.

He further cautioned Muslim clerics against being used by “lazy politicians” to achieve political ends and assured that his administration remains committed to listening to the needs of the  citizenss.

“Whenever we come across any law that does not suit the interests of our people, we will not hesitate to replace it,” he added.

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Anti-Party Activities: PDP Suspends National Vice Chairman, Dan Orbih




The Peoples Democratic Party National Working Committee has suspended its National Vice Chairman (South-South), Dan Orbih, for his alleged involvement in sabotaging the party’s efforts in Edo State.

The PDP Edo State Chapter has been dealing with internal conflicts since the governorship primary election on February 22, 2024, which resulted in Asue Ighodalo becoming the governorship candidate.

As a result, dissatisfied party members took the party to court.

Last week, Justice Inyang Ekwo, invalidated the primary in a judgment for case FHC/ABJ/CS/165/2024, which contested the exclusion of 378 delegates.

On Wednesday, the PDP appealed the judgment.

In a statement released on Wednesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Debo Ologunagba, the PDP explained that Orbih’s actions and comments regarding the Edo State Governorship Primary Election are not in line with the party’s constitution.

Ologunagba revealed that the National Working Committee has established a six-member committee, led by Deputy National Chairman (South) Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja, to investigate Orbih.

The statement read in part, “The National Working Committee (NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at its 588th meeting today, Wednesday, July 10, 2024, considered all issues, including complaints on the activities of the National Vice Chairman (South-South) Chief Dan Orbih concerning the September 21, 2024, Governorship election in Edo State

“The NWC at the meeting unanimously condemned the embarrassing actions and utterances of Chief Dan Orbih relating to the Edo State Governorship Primary Election of our great Party which actions and utterances are inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution of the PDP (as amended in 2017) and the demand of his office as a national officer of the Party.

“Consequently, the NWC has set up a six-member committee headed by the Deputy National Chairman (South) Amb. Taofeek Arapaja, to investigate the issue under the provisions of the Constitution of the Party.

“In the meantime, the NWC forthwith suspends Chief Dan Orbih from participating in all meetings, activities, and programs of the NWC pending the conclusion of an investigation by the Committee.”

The PDP NWC urged all its leaders, key stakeholders, and numerous members in Edo State to remain united, and focused, and to continue working diligently for Ighodalo’s victory in the September 21, 2024, governorship election in Edo State.

It stated, “The NWC acknowledges the support and solidarity of the overwhelming majority of the people of Edo State who are rallying with our Party and Candidate, Dr Asue Ighodalo, whose vision is in tandem with the Will and aspiration of the people for continued massive development of the State on the platform of the PDP.

“The NWC charges all leaders, critical stakeholders and teeming members of our Party in Edo State to remain united, focused, and continue to work hard for the victory of our Party and Candidate in the September 21, 2024, Governorship election in Edo State.”

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El-Rufai’s Son Throws Shades at Tinubu, Says “Nobody is Too Big to Be Elected Out of Office”




By Eric Elezuo

Bashir El-Rufai, the son of the immediate past Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai, has in a veiled reference to President Bola Tinubu, said that no one is too big to be booted out of office.

The younger El-Rufai took to his X account to inform the public that removing the incumbent from office will sure happen, adding that the IMF and World Bank will not be able to come to his rescue.

“Nobody is too big to be elected out of office by the people. It will happen & wallahi nothing will happen. So forget all these intimidations flying up and down. Let us be patient.

“Even IMF & World Bank no go save una that time. Political strategist una. That one na for Lagos,” El-Rufai wrote.

Much as he added that he didn’t mention anyone’s name in the speech, social media users deduced that his mention of Lagos among other things is a clear indication that he was alluding to President Tinubu.
“I didn’t call names o, but due to their guilt, they already know who is being spoken about. Wallahi, none of you will force anyone to support this utter failure of governance disguised as useless, dangerous ethnocentric political strategy,” he said.
Some, among his respondents were quick to tell him that Tinubu will complete eight years in office no matter what, while some others aligned with him.
It will be recalled that Bashir El-Rufai has been a strong follower of Tinubu prior and during the 2023 presidential election. His stance for the administration changed when his father was denied ministerial position, and recognition in the present dispensation.
To compound the travails the senior El-Rufai is passing through, the Kaduna State government has alleged he misappropriated huge sum of money during his stewardship as governor.
Tinubu, has been accused of toeing the path of former President Muhammadu Buhari in ethnocentric politics, where his tribe is considered while others are relegated, and that has prompted El-Rufai’s outburst.

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