My Take on Buhari’s Physical and Mental Health Problems – Eunice Atuejide, NIP Presidential Candidate

The most significant trigger for my action is the conversation I overheard on 3rd December 2018 at the First Class Lounge of the British Airways, Heathrow Terminal 5, London, UK, between 8pm and 9.30pm. I was on my way back to Abuja from London.

There were three men discussing at the seating are near where I chose to charge my phones. They were discussing the state of health of President Buhari in relation to his proposal to run for a second term in office. One of the men stated that their decision to tell the President to halt his ambitions for health reasons was correct. Another argued that it was totally irresponsible for his handlers push him to continue as Nigeria’s President beyond 2019, knowing the severity of his dementia and the rate at which it was progressing. One of them said President Buhari’s Alzheimer’s disease was indeed progressing rapidly, but that it is quite normal for a person of President Buhari’s age. One of the men said the stress of the campaign for the Presidency would only cause him more harm than good.

The conversation went on about all manner of interventions they had tried on Buhari, how lucky his handlers had been considering that a lot of the interventions were highly risky and mostly experimental. One of the men stated that Buhari was extremely lucky to be alive, so it did not make sense that he insists on running for office yet again. One said President Buhari’s body and mind will struggle with the rigours of the campaign so much that he will surely be away for several months on medical grounds if he survives the campaign, or wins his second term bid.

Having heard all this at the airport, I started making enquiries from people close to the Presidency. I gathered from several people that President Buhari is indeed extremely forgetful, very absent minded, and suffers regular delusional attacks. I once met a man at INEC headquarters who related his experience meeting with Buhari to me. According to him, it took him several months to secure a meeting with President Buhari, however he ended up meeting with a man who forgot what they were meeting for; a man who forgot what he hears or says within minutes of hearing or saying them. According to this person, President Buhari went from being completely mute for several minutes during the meeting, to discussing matters totally unrelated to the topic at hand. He said President Buhari kept telling him stuff that happened in the 80s while he was a General in the army, as if those things were happening at the moment of the discussion. The man said President Buhari referred to him severally as someone else.

So, putting together the conversation I overheard at the airport, the statements from the people working at the Presidency, the account of the man who related his encounter with President Buhari to me, his wife – Aisha Buhari’s statement at the national women leadership summit organised by Project 4+4 for Buhari & Osinbajo 2019 on 6th December 2019 that her husband, President Buhari was not in charge of the government of this country. She stated clearly that Nigeria is being led by two to three very powerful men who hijacked the Presidency from her husband.

Adding also the many public mishaps of the President, his statements on several occasions that he was unaware of highly sensitive matters some of which bothered on national security, calling the Federal Republic of Germany, West Germany, taking over 6 months to appoint his cabinet, going away three times on extremely lengthy medical vacations, his incoherent speeches, his rare public appearances which only lasts short periods. The list goes on.

It becomes a matter of National Security and constitutional propriety that such a man be allowed to run for the office of President in his State. Clearly, his handlers are committing treasonable offences by packaging a man who is incapable of being President; and selling him off as the one running the affairs of this country while they did. Clearly, it takes a lot of work and financial resources to keep a man so physically and mentally challenged at the Presidency, but to plan to impose him on this country for four more years is taking things a little too far.

President Buhari is both physically and mentally unable to run the affairs of this country beyond 2019. It is my right as a concerned Nigerian, and as an interested party being myself a candidate at the forth coming Presidential elections to raise this alarm, and to take steps to stop this disaster from happening.

Section 137(c) of our constitution clearly exempts persons declared to be of unsound mind from contesting to be President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I therefore demand that the court orders President Buhari to present himself for independent health checks to determine if he is of sound enough mind to contest the Presidential election in 2019. And that he be declared unfit to run and withdrawn from the race if found to be of unsound mind.

This is my case.

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