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PENDULUM: The Reasons Nigeria Must Wake Up Fast



By Dele Momodu

Fellow Nigerians, please, permit me to say it as bluntly and categorically as possible, our dear country, Nigeria, the giant of Africa, is slumbering and snoring deeply. The Federal Government apologists are free to live in delusion and denial, but I stand by this obvious position. They can continue to deceive President Muhammadu Buhari and although he can continue to suffer under their hypnotic spell for a long time, he would one day wake up to appreciate people like us telling him the unadulterated truth. We were abused black and blue by the Jonathan guys in those days, but where are they today? Anyone who has eyes can see very clearly that we are not moving at the pace God allocated to us. We are inching like snails and millipedes when we are supposed to be speeding like bullet trains.

Nigeria is snoozing and sleeping. I’m not even comparing us to Europe or America. I have travelled sufficiently in Africa. Everywhere I have been, I saw nations at work. I wrote about Rwanda recently, a country that went through one of the most terrible wars ever known to mankind. The Rwanda genocide was gory and ghoulish. An entire nation was almost wiped out. I can see Nigeria has not found any lessons to learn from that atrocity against mankind. We are stoking the fire of ethnicity and stupidity that would never do any good to us. We are so close to the precipice, but we don’t seem to know or just don’t care. Meanwhile, those in far worse situations are busy doing progressive things while we backbite and backstab!

I was in Ethiopia a few years ago at the instance and invitation of Alhaji Aliko Dangote for the launch of his humongous cement plant and was pleasantly surprised this technological wonder didn’t have to invest so much in power generation. This is the same Ethiopia where celebrities were so shocked by the abysmal level of hunger that they had to come together to sing “we are the world.” I flew out of Addis feeling sad and melancholic. It was the same experience in Tanzania, Zambia, Senegal, Benin Republic (next door to us) and others. These countries are marching slowly, but surely, while we are busy fighting and wallowing over frivolities. Once you cross the Seme Border into Cotonou, the reality that hits you instantly is refreshing. Yet most of these countries rely and depend on Nigeria for many things.

The reason for my preamble is simple. Most Nigerians seem not to realise how desperate our condition is. Nigeria can no longer afford to recycle this madness, which Fela Anikulapo-Kuti called “demoncracy”, every four years, as if God has frozen time for us and we can do whatever nonsense we like. No please. Time is no longer on our side and we have over-experimented with saints and sinners. None has performed spectacularly. The essence of my sermon today is to drum it into our ears that we cannot continue along this path of foolishness and foolhardiness. We need all hands on deck desperately and urgently to rescue this country from the throes of imminent death. We have already fulfilled all righteousness by supporting our great incorruptible Muhammadu Buhari, in 2015, despite our avowed rejection of him in the past. It would have been unfortunate if we had not tried and tested him. We would have been lamenting, like the Biblical Jeremiah, from now till eternity, had we not tried him, thinking God was punishing us for ignoring our best solution and gift to mankind.

Now that we have discovered that it is a human being that is behind the mask, and not an ancestor from heaven, we should be bold enough and accept that we’ve misplaced our hopes in gods with feet of clay. What has now been corroborated, unequivocally, is that no one can give what he does not have. Of course, there are always exceptional cases but, unfortunately, this is not one of them. Staying at home, or on a farmland, for the most part of 30 years, would stultify anyone’s worldview without doubt. But I personally love the fact that God has made this day to come, to demonstrate to us that we should not bow before any idols, and we should never ascribe to mortals the powers that belong to God.

Mama Winnie Mandela and Dele Momodu at her home in Soweto, February 3, 2018

No angel is going to come down to save or rescue Nigeria. We must all join hands to do it. I think we are wasting too much time and resources on seeking a God on earth to run our affairs. The time has come to make use of the best brains among us in a united government, strengthen our democratic institutions, stop the charade of selective injustice, promote unity and religious tolerance. I weep every time I see young people insulting themselves on behalf of politicians who are all friends off-radar. They kill themselves for mere pittance while the children of the priviligentsia are living large on the sweat and blood of the proletariat. Those who have ears should please listen.

We need a new orientation. We need leaders who know their onions. We need modern leaders. What belongs to antiquity must be left where it belongs. Those who want this system to continue, understand the game well. They are in control when the leader is weak and cannot perform. It is not about loving the old man. They just want to govern from behind. They are the faceless and unseen cabal.

2019 cannot come and go as business as usual. It won’t be funny. Are we so jinxed that we keep repeating the same mistakes? Why can’t we stand up to our leaders and demand excellent performance? Why can’t we see that the world is leaving us behind and adjust quickly? Truth must be told, as imperfect as our politicians look, they are the ones we must manage, and manage well. We cannot afford to waste another four years worshipping the gods who cannot liberate us from poverty, hunger, diseases, wars, backwardness, and general retrogression.

In summary, I will support Buhari’s government within my modest sphere of influence till 2019. That was my unwritten contract when I voluntarily offered my support, in cash and kind, in 2015. It is nothing personal, I’m just a patriotic and passionate Nigerian who believes we can do much better and there are millions of great Nigerians who can fix Nigeria without making a fetish of what it would take to achieve it. For me, Buhari represents the Mandela option. He has already served a useful purpose as stopgap between the known devil and the unknown. We have now seen that despite the blame games, there is really no difference between six and half a dozen. What is the point in a doctor killing the patient in the process of treating ulcer? That is the situation we have found ourselves. Perhaps, it would have been bearable and endurable if there was no obvious hypocrisy in the whole set up.

I beg, like Mandela, the world’s greatest statesman, one term is enough.

God bless Nigeria.


When I made my most recent visit to South Africa, somehow, it was as if I had a premonition of Winnie Mandela’s death. On my last day, February 3, 2018, I had a night flight to catch to Kigali, but I told my South African friends, Cebo and Malcolm X that I wanted to pay a courtesy call on Mrs Winnie Mandela in Soweto before heading to the Oliver Tambo Airport. Malcolm X was like a son to Winnie Mandela and he put a call through to her house. Minutes later, we bundled ourselves into my chartered car and off we went to Soweto. But the devil is a liar because just at the junction and turning to Mama’s house, we encountered horrendous traffic.

“What is this,” I exclaimed. As if by some conspiracy, it also started raining. Whilst we tried to meander through the horrible traffic, a call came through that Mama, as Winnie Mandela is known to those close to her, was being rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, we were just stuck on one spot. We decided to hang out at a nearby popular Soweto restaurant as it was obvious that I was not going anywhere fast. Kigali was becoming impossible and the courtesy call to Winnie Mandela was seemingly ruined. However, I couldn’t believe my ears when the hospitalised woman called Malcolm asking to personally apologise to me for her inability to make the appointment. I was deeply touched. Despite her pain, she still had such human feeling, courteousness, consideration and civility in her. A truly remarkable Lady! She asked me for my hotel and promised to stop by if discharged early. This was getting too good to be true, a visit from the Mama of Africa would be too much. We rushed back to my hotel and waited with bated breath.

Then the call came. Mama has been discharged but was on sedatives and would not be able to come over again. But she said she would struggle to stay up for me. I packed my bags and we returned to Soweto. True to her promise, she stayed up. We were invited to sit with her in a small sitting room in her house and we chatted on for some time, despite protestations from her aides who had given us only a few minutes and had banned us from taking pictures.

We discussed Nigeria and she was quite knowledgeable about our affairs. She was curious to know the state of things. She asked of Buhari, Jonathan and Chief Gabriel Igbinedion. She had kind words for former President Olusegun Obasanjo who she described as a good friend and benefactor of South Africa.


Not wanting to waste this opportunity I asked if we could take pictures, she nodded approvingly. As a journalist, I immediately seized the moment and we  just fired away. Such a simple and humble woman, she nodded approval and we took as many shots as we could in rapid fire motion. These were probably the last pictures of her taken by any foreign journalist.

We left her on a sober note considering how frail she looked, even though she had been most accommodating to us. Two months later, the sad news broke, on April 2, 2018, Mama had gone home to rest. My mind continually flashed back to the great session we had with her. I feel truly honoured and humbled to have been in her presence, particularly at such twilight period of her life.  May her beautiful soul rest in peace. Amen.

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Tinubu, Naja’atu and the Damning Confessions




By Eric Elezuo

The chances of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in the forthcoming February 25 presidential election, continue to grow slimmer as the D-day approaches with more damning evidences of ill-health, especially tending to mental disability. The latest revelation of the former governor’s inability to run the affairs of men again is contained in a confession made by Hajia Naja’atu Mohammed, a former chieftain of the party and director of the party’s presidential campaign council. Hajia Mohammed’s confessions are aftermath of the Peoples Democratic Party’s indictment of the APC candidate of massive drug and fraud related felonies.

Hajia Mohammed, a former Director in the Presidential Campaign Council PCC of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Hajia Naja’atu Mohammed said everything about the presidential candidate of the party, Asiwaji Bola Tinubu is motivated by money, and that explains how he was picked as the presidential flag bearer of the party.

The former director of APC PCC, whose assertive facts were made during in an interview on Arise Television’s The Morning Show a few days ago, following an exclusive interview by The Whistler, has maintained in subsequent chats that her statements were accurate. This is even as the APC has denied her as former staff who was sacked for being a mole and incompetent, to which she replied, “Not just that, as far as my expulsion from the APC is concerned, what took them so long? They should have told the public before I resigned, but they kicked me out unfortunately because they are so silly, they are saying after my resignation, they actually kicked me out.

She alleged that Tinubu was the sole pivot through which every aspect of the party primary held in June 2022 revolved.

“This is the first time that I know that governors do not even sponsor the presidential campaign. Normally the governor sponsors the presidential campaign in his state, but this time around, it is Asiwaju that is doing it.

“Everything about Asiwaju is about money, there’s nothing like honour. For God’s sake what do we want? Can we continue to wallow in this, can we continue to deceive ourselves, who are we lying to? We are only lying to ourselves. We see these things. The truth has been written on the horizon. Why are we now turning the other eye?”

Mohammed had resigned from the campaign council and the APC, claiming that developments in the political and democratic space have made it impossible for her to continue participating in party politics, adding that her conscience would not allow her to continue in the APC PCC. Apart from the money politics, she accused the APC flag bearer of, she had also said Tinubu was too sick and possibly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as he could not hold a teacup when she visited him in London some time ago. She said Tinubu does not have the presence of mind to be the president of Nigeria

In the resignation letter, addressed to the National Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, she said recent developments in the political and democratic space have made it impossible for her to continue participating in party politics.

She stated that the challenges facing the country today “require me to continue championing the struggle for a better country with a clear conscience as I remain absolutely loyal to Nigeria,” adding that the problems required “the consolidated efforts of competent and patriotic leadership across every level of governance.”

Speaking to The Whistler on what informed her decision to dump the Tinubu campaign, she said that the APC presidential candidate had demonstrated clear symptoms of dementia when she visited him for a private meeting in London, stressing that if for any reason, Tinubu wins the election, he will be like an invalid as his hangers on, led by his wife, will be in charge of leadership of the country.

“Let me tell you why they are following Asiwaju. They know that he’s incapable. They know that he can’t decipher. They know that there is something seriously wrong with his brain. It is like they say in Hausa: somebody will hold the horns of a cow, and you will be milking it. So, all of these people talking all this nonsense know that he’s incapable. They know that he’s handicapped. But they also know that there’s already a cabal that they can depend on for the piece of a pie. No more, no less. And let me tell you, I have not spoken to anyone, both in or outside APC from up North, that I know that has told me or that believes Asiwaju is capable. But all they are saying is that you know we have to get something out of it—that’s all.”

She added: “Asiwaju that I sat with for two hours, he slept most of the time, it was Bisi Akande that I was really talking to. Most importantly he is not only physically unfit, he is mentally unfit, whether we want it or not, this is the truth. It’s not that I hate him, I respect him because I have heard of one or two people that he assisted which is good.

“But when you talk of leadership of over two hundred million people you know that if you remove tribal sentiments, you know that he is incapable, those that will rule are those around him. This is the reality. He is – I said it!

“I sat with him for two hours in London, when you talk of green, he will give you an answer of red, he can’t even decipher, he has very serious dementia, I believe he has Alzheimer’s because he cannot even hold a cup of tea.

“If you remove tribal sentiment, if you remove the Lagos/Ibadan press, if Tinubu were not a Yoruba man, he will not dare contest election because they will crucify him, but people are all there to defend him because he is Yoruba, it’s egbe omo Oduduwa over everything else.

“I was in the campaign for Yola, and we had to beg them to take the mic from him, everything about Tinubu is based on lies. Imagine he is an Hausa man, will he contest elections with all these gbese on top of him? In this campaign, nobody should talk of corruption because they are corruption personified.”

Mohammed denied quitting politics, maintaining that she quitted the APC to join the Atiku Abubakar. She said “I did not say I’m quitting, people don’t read very well, I said party politics, party politics is different from quitting politics, all I’m saying is that I should not be caged to a particular party. I have God-given ability to mobilize, I cannot cage myself to APC, that is why I left the APC, but I’m still very much in politics.

She also took a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari, saying the president was another stooge, who cares less about the country he is leading. He said Buhari was not actually in charge, but blamed a certain Tunde, who is calling the shots in the business of governance.

She said: “In the first place, Buhari does not care about anything. He had never cared. He doesn’t care about the country, nor is he really in charge. He has thrown the country to the dogs. He has a prime minister in the name of his nephew—grandnephew Tunde. Whether we want to believe it or not, Tunde is the de facto president. I know that even the service chiefs report to him. Tunde is Sabiu. Do you know him? He’s called Tunde because he was named after Tunde Idiagbon.

“Let me tell you, there are times, on a few occasions when I had cause to see the president, that I had given him in black and white some of the atrocities that are taking place in terms of corruption, theft of billions of naira. All he does is to frown and that’s the end of it. He doesn’t care. Sometimes, he tells you, ‘I don’t know’. But how do you know? How do you know if you don’t want to know? He doesn’t want to know. He doesn’t care. There was a time in early 2015 that Buhari said, when he came into office, he said, ‘I’m relying on the newspapers to guide me’. He said that. And the newspapers—a lot of them—have been consistent in speaking out. Even if the service chiefs or others don’t tell him the truth, the newspapers are there. Is he not reading the papers? Why is he not reading the papers? And there was also a time when Buhari first came in, and he locked up Sambo Dasuki for a couple of years. What was the offence of Sambo Dasuki? According to Buhari, Sambo Dasuki had spent billions of security money.”

Naja’atu also revealed how Tinubu manipulated the electoral process to clinch the APC presidential ticket:

“There is nothing like democracy in this democratic system. The whole thing is a hoax. I will tell you, for instance, what happened in their primary election. People were given ballot papers with Asiwaju written on it. That was what happened. And we saw a clip in which governors were collecting money. It’s so shameful. What a disgrace! Governors collecting money; sharing money given to them by Asiwaju. It is such a disgrace. It is the first time that I have heard or seen such. At least in this dispensation. I have been in politics for decades, I was born into politics. But this is the first time that a presidential candidate will be sponsoring governors to support him. This is what is happening. Asiwaju is synonymous with money. For God’s sake, if all it takes is money, then what else will he do when he takes over power? It’s for him to retrieve his money.

“Look, this is not even about Egbe Omo Oduduwa. Osinbajo is even more Egbe Omo Oduduwa than Tinubu. He’s a professor. He’s brilliant. He knows what he’s doing. For the few weeks that he was given this country to run, he did a great job. But the Lagos-Ibadan press villainised him. They said all sorts of things against him because Tinubu controls the strongest propaganda machine in this country, which is the Lagos–Ibadan press.

Naja’atu was unequivocal when she stated that Tinubu purchased the ticket from the governors. “There’s no doubt about that,” she said.

She said everyone backing and singing Buhari’s praises know the vegetable state he is in, but have prefer to remain mute because of selfish interest .

“The problem is this: it’s extreme selfishness. All these people that you are talking about are thinking of themselves as individuals. They are thinking of their personal interests. They don’t have the country at heart. That is why I said I have to follow my conscience because I cannot afford to continue to pretend and remain silent. In fact, to be silent is criminal. This is my position: anyone who refuses to talk when they are supposed to talk is either a hypocrite or a coward or both. So, that is why I took the position I took. These people that you are talking about, in Hausa, we say they are the plugs, from North to South. But they are an insignificant minority. And the fault of the generality of Nigerians is that they have allowed themselves to be pulled by the nose, most out of ignorance, some out of tribal or religious sentiments.

Let me tell you what our Prophet said— when they said Muslim-Muslim ticket, I stated it’s a hoax because Islam is explicit on the question of leadership. What it says is a chosen atheist is better than an unjust Muslim, which is the injunction. The first law given by God, according to the Quran, is the law which Allah put on himself. The first law was he had denied himself the right to oppress. That is the law given to God to himself. And then he went on to say that he had denied injustice within ‘my creation’. So, what are we talking about? What the hell about Muslim-Muslim? Who cares about that?

However, the APC, in denying the allegations levelled against Tinubu, called Naja’atu a political jobber, who was sacked for incompetency. Special Adviser on Public Affairs at the Tinubu Media Office, Mahmud Jega in a statement in Abuja said although Mohammed deceived the gullible public by claiming that she resigned, “her sack letter with ignominy from the campaign and the party had just arrived at her desk”.

Jega stated, “Her desperate, fact-free, machination-filled and imaginary utterances since her sack from the campaign has proved beyond doubt that she was unfit to serve in the first place, until it was discovered that she was actually a mole.

“Not being a medical doctor but whose profession in the last three decades was as a political jobber and expert name-dropper, she nevertheless issued a pseudo-medical report on our presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, after a brief meeting in London.

“Even the association of native doctors would sack her for quackery and for reaching a medical conclusion without any test”, he stated.

He said despite his position as the clear front-runner in the 2023 presidential race, Tinubu has been running the most punishing campaign schedule of any of the presidential candidates and has already visited many parts of the country with an almost non-stop schedule of rallies, town hall meetings and meetings with professional, community, business, and religious groups and associations.

“Naja’atu claimed that when she asked Asiwaju what plans he had for the North, he answered that he had none. This is strange and questions the integrity of the woman and her story.”

“Asíwájú has unfolded an Action plan for the whole country, in which problems bedeviling the North got very comprehensive attention. Asiwaju also attended the Arewa Summit last year, at which he unfolded and elaborated on these programs.

“As conclusive proof of her unstable and unreliable character, Naja’atu said in her pre-emptive “resignation letter” that she was quitting party politics as the political parties have no ideological differences and her values and beliefs no longer align with party politics.

“Within a day, pictures surfaced in the media showing her meeting with the PDP presidential candidate and declaring her support for him.

“All Nigerians must be wondering what kind of “values and beliefs” she has apart from opportunism, selfishness and greed.

“We were least surprised about her dramatic exit, coming after she went on TV to disparage our party and President Muhammadu Buhari. Only a mole could behave in such a manner.

“We urge our supporters all over the country to ignore the antics of this political soldier of fortune and concentrate on the job of delivering the Tinubu/Shettima ticket at the polls in barely a month from now”, Jega added.

“It’s a lie,” Naja’atu countered, adding that “You know, Asiwaju himself wanted to come to my house. They met my mentor Wamako, and they spoke with a lot of people for me to ceasefire. Then, last (Monday) night, I decided that we would ceasefire. But then I saw this (APC’s PCC’s statement alleging she was sacked from the council). Asiwaju himself wanted to come to my house to plead with me—I swear to God almighty! They were already running helter-skelter—going from pole to pillar—for certain people that I respect to prevail on me to ceasefire. As of last night, I agreed to ceasefire. But when I saw their statement this morning (Tuesday), I sent it to Farouk, and I sent it to Omar Farouk. I also sent it to a few other people that were pleading with me. I told them: ‘Ceasefire gone!’ The conversation continues. Everything about them is paralysed. When did they sack me? Could they have written a backdated letter? When you base everything on lies—I swear: yesterday (Monday), I was feeling so bad as so many of them were pleading with me. It’s not good to be arrogant. We must always be humble.”

What sort of meanness is this that these people want a man who is clearly unfit to be president? Naja’atu fired at some state governors and political hangers-on, who are bent on pushing Tinubu to the presidency.

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Atiku’ll Win Without G-5 Govs – PDP Campaign Council




Ahead of the February 2023 presidential election, loyalists of the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, have predicted outright victory for the former Vice President.

They said they were confident of the PDP candidate’s victory with or without the support of the five governors who are currently not participating in the party’s electioneering.

This is even as Atiku’s men said the solidarity enjoyed by the candidate cut across party lines, noting that the task to rescue Nigeria from “the ills” of the past seven and a half years should be supported by well-meaning Nigerians, irrespective of their religious and political leanings.

Speaking with Saturday PUNCH, the Director of Strategic Communication, National Election Management Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Committee, Chief Dele Momodu, said Atiku had distinguished himself from other contestants in the race to Aso Rock.

“There is no candidate today that can stop Atiku Abubakar from becoming President of Nigeria. None of the candidates has his pedigree, exposure, competence, temperament, and network. He has paid his dues, having staked his life in the growth and development of democracy in Nigeria in the past 29 years. His crowning glory will come in 2023.

“I heard one of the G5 governors saying yesterday that he will announce his preferred presidential candidate in January. We hope they will announce Atiku but with or without the support of these governors, Atiku is winning the election. He will become the President of Nigeria. This is not rhetoric.

“Everyone contesting can list thousands of reasons they should be voted for but we need a man who is an expert at job creation, a unifier, a Nigerian that Nigerians can trust. Wherever he is called to share his vision, he goes there no matter how inconvenient it is. Unlike those who run away from town halls, Atiku is always available to speak about the issues. While others attack him, his focus is on the issues. We do hope these candidates will man up to debate him on issues of security, job creation, economy, sports, infrastructure, and what have you,” he said.

Similarly, a national officer of the party, Timothy Osadolor, described Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, his Abia, Oyo, Benue, and Enugu state counterparts, Okezie Ikpeazu, Seyi Makinde, Samuel Ortom, and Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, respectively as a band of leaders nobody took seriously anymore.

The Punch

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Dele Momodu Condemns Tinubu’s Performance at Chatham House, Knocks El-Rufai, Fayemi for Window Dressing APC Candidate




By Eric Elezuo

The Director of Strategic Planning, Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign Council, Chief Dele Momodu, has come down hard on the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for a lack-lustre performance when he made a presentation at the Chatham House on Monday. Momodu did not spare the candidate’s handlers for fumbling and bungling big time the opportunity to present Tinubu as a brilliant politician and administrator as well as prominent Nigerians like Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai and immediate past governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi, for what he called ‘window dress’ of Tinubu. He therefore, urged to weep for the country.

Momodu made the observations in an article he titled Weep Not for Tinubu, But Nigeria, where addressed the level of disgrace the actions of Tinubu and his acolytes must have brought to Nigeria, adding that the “problem of Nigeria is often aggravated by the voluptuous ambitions of some acolytes who wish to remain eternally relevant in the corridors of power at the expense of the long-suffering nation.”

It would be recalled that Tinubu failed to answer direct questions he was asked but chose to appoint members of his team, who answered on his behalf.

Read Momodu article in full:


– BY Dele Momodu

Call it what you will, what happened at CHATHAM HOUSE LONDON yesterday was a complete charade… The BOLA TINUBU handlers fumbled, and bungled it big time… They showcased him like a packaged invalid. It would have been better to present him as a brilliant politician and administrator, warts and all, who’s capable of independent thoughts. No man is perfect. His gaffes would have been more pardonable and acceptable… He was expected to sell his own vision and mission…

But what we saw yesterday was a theatre of the absurd. It brought back memories of our great President ALHAJI UMARU MUSA YAR’ADUA and how he mysteriously disappeared from radar and some of his aides governed by proxy. I was one of those who led the ENOUGH-IS-ENOUGH protest against the YAR’ADUA cabal in Abuja in 2010. What was unacceptable then is even more unacceptable now with benefits of hindsight. Our country should be placed above friendship.

Truth is the problem of Nigeria is often aggravated by the voluptuous ambitions of some acolytes who wish to remain eternally relevant in the corridors of power at the expense of the long-suffering nation.

All those around TINUBU yesterday knew the bitter truth but chose to fool Nigerians. One of them was heard in a viral video telling TINUBU to dance to the popular song BUGA by KIZZ DANIEL because “that’s what the youths want to see…” and lo and behold TINUBU instantly transfigured into an accomplished choreographer…

Very sad, and unfortunate, that whenever we think Nigeria can never sink deeper into the abyss, something occurs that jolts us out of such assumptions and complacency… I was with MUHAMMADU BUHARI the day he visited CHATHAM HOUSE seven years ago. He was solid and charismatic. He needed no one to prompt him. He answered questions eloquently and intelligently to the best of his abilities. That’s what TINUBU was expected to accomplish yesterday. What he did instead was like inviting helpers to sit a JAMB exam. It is horrifying to watch some respected intellectuals like NASIR EL RUFAI and KAYODE FAYEMI as they struggled to window dress TINUBU on a much hallowed global stage..

In conclusion, please, weep not for TINUBU but for NIGERIA…

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