MIKE ADENUGA: Endowed, Gifted and Prolific Industrialist

By Eric Elezuo If you were in Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State on September 13, 2005 when a carnival-like ceremony was held to commemorate the burial rites of the matriarch of Adenuga family, you will actually understand what a true son is. The personalities that graced the occasion, the general funfare, the ambience of the environment […]

LEO STAN EKEH: Technologically Savvy, Industrially Innovative

Eric Elezuo He has an eye for details, and is very prompt in attending to the said details. Little wonder even his name is prompt, precise and easy to use. He is Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Eke, the Nigerian name synonymous with technology. Leo Stan Ekeh, as he has come to reduce his name for easy […]

MICHAEL ADE-OJO: Excellent Businessman, Automobile Expert

Eric Elezuo It is often said that what matters in the act of building businesses is not how big one starts, but how right. The truth is told of many who started with the right mentality even with little or no resources, and made it to enviable height. All such people did was dream big, […]

Renowned Music Maestro, King Sunny Ade, Hits Three Score Ten

Eric Elezuo A typical Omoba, as the Yoruba tribe of Western Nigeria will refer to man of royal birth, King Sunny Ade is everything an average human will wish to be, especially in the world of entertainment, which he so much dominated. Born Sunday Adeniyi on September 22, 1946 King Sunny Adé as he is […]

THEOPHILUS DANJUMA: Quintessential Administrator, Creative Industrialist

Eric Elezuo When you talk about a man who is an all rounder, there is the tendency to remember a man of many parts; a man who seems to have seen and participated in almost every life endeavour. He is an achiever, and someone anybody can easily say I want to be like you when […]

GABRIEL IGBINEDION: Eighty-Two Years of Touching Lives, Building Institutions

Eric Elezuo When titles are given, the givers are always down to earth, having done the best of researches concerning the recipient. Consequently, the titles match the individuality of the recipient. It is therefore, not surprising when the person of Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion, the Esama of the Benin Kingdom was given the title ‘Esama’, which […]


By Eric Elezuo What could be more fulfilling knowing for a fact that you are not just a member of any club but a member of the global billionaire’s club? One of Nigeria’s top business moguls, Abdulsamad Isyaku Rabiu, has the perfect answer. The tycoon whom Forbes had estimated his wealth at $1.2 billion in […]


By Blessing Ehidiamen What could be more fulfilling than knowing for the fact that you are not just a member of any club, but a member of the global billionaire’s club? One of Nigerian’s top business mogul, Abdulsamad Isyaku Rabiu, is the perfect answer.  The tycoon whom Forbes had estimated his wealth at $1.2 billion […]


Eric Elezuo Nothing is more fulfilling in life than one to get to the pinnacle of his chosen career. At such a stage, one can conveniently say, ‘I have made it’. In the same vein, whoever is on the track towards reaching the pinnacle of his career can as well raise his head high, walk […]


  Eric Elezuo   It has often been said that the beginning of a man has absolutely nothing to do with his later end. This is because one’s destiny is shaped and arranged to suit his vision irrespective of where he was born, or who he was born to.   The above could be said […]

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