Woman of Prayer, Esther Ajayi, Unleashes More Acts of Kindness

By Eric Elezuo

The Minister in charge of Love of Christ (C&S) Generation Church, based in London and Founder Esther Ajayi Foundation, Reverend Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi, has continued her relentless act of kindness as more and more Nigerians in need continue to benefit.

In her latest deeds, the woman reputed as a champion of prayer, stretched out her kind hands to a 15 year old girl, Victoria Morafa, who sustained double fractures of the right tibia and fibula in upper 1/3 and lower 1/3 in a ghastly road accident. A correction surgery has been has performed on the young girl, and as usual, Iyadura, as she is fondly called undertook the payment of all bills

In their appreciation, Victoria and her mother who spoke to Reverend Mother’s spokesperson, Mr. Abiodun Paseda, saod they were full of praises for God Almighty and for Reverend Mother Ajayi for the kind gesture.

Mr. Adeyemi with his prosthetic limb and Paseda

“She has really given my daughter back her life,” Victoria’s mother said.

In another development, Mr. Awoyemi Oluseyi Adeyemi, who was amputated after an accident in 2017, was given an artificial limb to continue to cope with the affairs of life. This, also was fully paid by the kind Reverend Mother.

Continuing her Godly gift of giving, the woman, who just hosted a successful gathering of saints in an event tagged The Comforter in New York, came also to the rescue of Mr. Ayanbanjo lshaq, who has undergone an MRI Brain Test at Me Cure Healthcare Limited, Lagos, awaiting full treatment.

Mr. Ishaq

Speaking to The Boss on the acts of humanity being propagated by the Woman of Prayer, Mr. Paseda, said it is in pursuance of the reach out to one million lives which was proposed for the year 2018, adding that the target though has been exceeded, the work of kindness continues.

He commended Reverend Mother Ajayi for her selfless attitude and prayed that God continue to sustain her life, health and wealth to do more good works for the benefit of humanity.

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