By Simeon Nwakaudu

Buhari and his family prey on the intelligence of the poor. They are feeding fat on the unfortunate psychology of the poor that it is right to be poor.

Buhari benefited from this psychology in 2015.

Today, Nigeria is the Headquarters of global poverty. To Buhari and his handlers, exuding poverty is the best way to prove worthiness to govern.

The release of a picture of Buhari sitting on a torn chair whilst his guests sat on plastic chairs is yet another reason why this failed President should be sent back to Daura to continue his “Wayo ” lifestyle.

In Nigeria, there is a saying that pretenders are the worst. Those who pretend, tend to hurt society the most. In the case of Buhari, he convinces the masses that it is right to remain poor, deprived and hopeless.

Yet Buhari’s lifestyle and condition negate his display of poverty. Over the last 55 years of his life, Buhari has not known poverty. He has been fed and nurtured by the wealth of Nigeria. He has never spent a day without the basic necessities of life.

Despite this opulence, Buhari wants his supporters and other Nigerians to live in abject poverty. He wants them to have tattered chairs, torn curtains and lack shelter.

Let’s imagine for a moment how Buhari got to the house where that torn old chair was. He drove in a multi-million naira Mercedez, which had a spare. He was guarded by over 300 armed soldiers and policemen, accompanied by at least 15 aides and visited by over 20 APC Governors, several senators and top politicians.

If statisticians are invited to calculate what was expended to keep Buhari in Daura for over 4 days, we will be talking about government funds in the neighbourhood of N2BILLION.

Before you shout, remember that all the governors flew private jets, senators and House of Representatives Members in varying degrees of convoys etc. Katsina State Government and the local authorities also shutdown operations and funded selected activities in Daura on behalf of the President.

The APC Federal Government celebrates poverty. The APC Federal Government shares poverty. It deepens poverty. Indeed, it has done nothing to lift Nigerians from poverty. It has no plan to tackle poverty in the country.

It is for the purpose of deception that Buhari and Osinbajo displayed a sachet of milo, but have budgeted and spent billions on their feeding, barbing and healthcare in Aso Rock.

Buhari has refused to use resources available to the APC Federal Government to promote education, healthcare, infrastructural development, empowerment of the people, women development and economic growth.

The failed President prefers idle youths to shout ‘sai Buhari’ for a fee of one thousand naira, rather than develop the educational system. Under Buhari, Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) and the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) have been rendered impotent. They can no longer intervene in schools for the good of less privileged Nigerians.

The dead chair in Buhari’s hometown symbolises the death of revival, replenishment and growth. The Buhari chair signifies stagnation, backwardness and deliberate refusal to make progress.

By circulating that ugly photograph, the Presidency placed before Nigerians the summation of the failed APC Federal Government. This administration through deliberate destruction of governance has forced the country into retrogression.

If Buhari cannot make progress at the homefront, there is no way he can offer the country development. The failed President remains stuck in the past as exemplified by that torn chair.

The display of that chair, as a sentimental attachment to the impoverished people of the country is a confirmation of the urgent need to put an end to this failure called APC Federal Government. Buhari belongs to the past


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