President Buhari’s Wife Deserves Respect and Protection

By Eric Elezuo

Whether we like it or not, Mrs Aisha Buhari is the wife of the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. What this means is that she is supposed to be accorded respect and protection specifically reserved for the president. Consequently, whoever does otherwise is guilty of constitutional breach and is liable to commensurate punishment.

It is premised on the above that every force that contributed to the humiliation or otherwise of the president’s wife last weekend through the release of a two years old incomplete video to the public domain should be made to answer for their actions or inactions.

This is disheartening that over one week after, the President and by extension, the Presidency has not deemed it fit to address the so called anomalies. Except for a privately made statement, authorship of whom is unknown, no member of the President’s household has bothered to come to her defence and rescue.

I am not at home calling the woman the First Lady as she rightly deserves, because of her husband’s tongue in cheek condemnation of the position during the run off to the 2015 Presidential election. Buhari was once quoted as saying “office of the First Lady is a waste of money that PDP designed to steal. There won’t be one if you vote for me, I’m not a wasteful Homo sapien.” But that does not in any way preclude the fact that she is the wife of the most powerful man in Nigeria, and in fact, the West African sub-region. She therefore, deserves every respect and protection available.

It is disheartening that the President has not called the proverbial ‘family meeting’ regarding why a family member has to release a video depicting his wife in an unruly manner, and even ahead to castigate her before the international media. It is unheard of. It does not matter if the one involved, Fatima Daura is the daughter of President Buhari’s most beloved uncle, Mamman Daura or otherwise, the fact remains that the young woman went beyond her boundary to cast aspersion on the President’s wife. Compensating her with appointments of new aides is not enough to douse the fire of the insult. If the video had been released by a regular citizen, it would have been a different ball game, but from a family member? It smacks of serious cracks on the wall.

It is not possible anyone would have tried such misdemeanor against the likes of Stella Obasanjo of blessed memory, Turai Yar’dua or Patience Jonathan. These were First Ladies who spoke as they looked. It is possible Aisha Buhari’s traducers are taking advantage of her continuous clash of position with her husband. She believed that her husband is not in charge, but at the mercy of the ‘cabal”. Buhari on the other hand, believes his wife belong to the kitchen and the other room. Their affair has constantly appeared like a no love lost situation, and that gave the Daura daughters to call her out even at a time there was no provocation or was not Chinua Achebe who said that ‘he that brings home a maggot infested firewood should not complain when lizards pay him a visit’.

Yes, Mrs Buhari has apologised for the part she played in the viral video, but that should a major reason to make others take responsibility for their parts.

All said and done, President Buhari, like a good husband and family man he is supposed to be, must rise and shield his wife from ravaging predators in the form of family members.

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