Otedola Replies Instagram User: “Reason I Go On Holidays Anytime I Like”

Billionaire businessman, Mr Femi Otedola has given a hint on why he can embark on holidlay at anytime without getting scared that his businesses will suffer.

Mr Otedola had posted on his Instagram page that he had started his six weeks summer holidays and  one @fabofalltrade wrote a comment ” Always on vacation Sir do you even go to work?

The ever charming  billionaire and Chairman, Forte Oil took his time to reply thus “As an Entrepreneur, my role is to ensure that I hire a competent  team to run my business affairs without my physical  presence and of course one that outlives me. Mine is to nurture the team to maximise shareholder  value.”

Many of the comments afterwards showed that  Mr  Otedola had hit the nail on the head  with his succinct response.

He sent a message that he has the ability to fish out and deploy talents as well harness resources for the benefit  of shareholders.



Other comments afterwards were quite insightful:


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