Meet Monalisa Effah, Ghana’s Rising Executive and Founder of New Relocation Company, Scarlette Eagle

There is nothing as Sweet as turning  your passion  into  a business,  it  ensures  you enjoy  every  day  at  work and  that  is  one  reason Monalisa Effah’s adventure is  growing by the  day.

Monalisa Effah, Founder, Scarlette Eagle
 Effah  is  the  Founder  and Chief  Executive  Officer  of Scarlette  Eagle,  a relocation  company  based in  Ghana.
Beginning  her  career  in 2016,  Monalisa  held  a series  of  positions  across several  industries,  from HR to Expat Relocation. She  has  a  Bachelor  of  Arts degree  in  PR.  She  also  has extensive  training  and experience  as  an  Image Consultant from SA  Image Academy.
Monalisa  has direct  responsibility  for  all facets  of  the  Scarlette Eagle  company  and supervises  all  aspects  of business. Importantly,  Monalisa  is instrumental  to  the  growth of  Scarlette,  spearheading long-term  development strategies.
 In  her  several  years  in  the r e l o c a t i o n  industry,  Monalisa  has attracted  some  reputable clientele  and  continually  demonstrated  her commitment  to  client satisfaction,  successfully servicing  transferees  from both  small  to  large companies.
Her  solid  foundation provides  the necessary industry  experience  to help  facilitate  a  smooth transition  for  all  Scarlette clients.  With  over  eight  years’ considerable  experience in  human  resource management,  Monalisa constantly  delivers  quality service  to  Scarlette  clients through  close  and  concise communication.  She spoke  to  us  about  her career  and  future  plans
What event motivated you to start this business?
It can be really frustrating when you arrive in a completely new environment-
moving around, finding a new home etc. Running my own relocation company
meant that I can give customers what I believe to be the best services. When I was
working with a relocation company, I saw the excitement in people’s eyes anytime I
served them. But I knew I could do more. The positive and appreciative reactions
from customers and seeing the impact of my work got me inspired to start a brand
new company.
What is Your Ambition?
I want to make Forbe’s young billionaire list. I know the requirements and I am
working diligently towards that.
What are the requirements?
Serve people, communities and businesses and they will pay you back in
extraordinary proportions.
What does your business do?
My business helps people to settle conveniently in Ghana, whether for business or pleasure. We provide a complete bouquet of relocation services from immigration to home search to school search.
What’s the biggest problem small business owners don’t know they have?
Too many young business owners don’t realise that their customers’ expectations
are changing faster than ever before, especially in these days of digitisation. If
you want to find out what your business should be doing tomorrow or next year,
that information is inside the heads of your prospects and customers. Ask them.
research them. They are closer than you ever imagined.
Monalisa Effah, CEO, Scarlette Eagle
What advice can you give to those who are seeking funding?
Strategy and honesty. Create a strategy that includes multiple capital sources
from family and friends to other people who believe and trust you. Start small
with whatever you have. Don’t use investors or a bank loan when you can start
with anything small until you have the strength to absorb risk. This will make you
smarter and your funders happier. Prove that your idea works before you seek
support to scale.
What is one way that business operation has changed?
The fundamentals never change: you still have to buy low, sell high and keep
good records; money is still crucial; people still want to be treated well. The new
thing is the internet and digitisation. As a small business, you have to be handy, cool
and affordable, and even there are free tools available online, but it’s not good news if
you’re not using them. You must use the internet well. It has great resources for
running your business.
What are some of the ingredients that have made you succeed?
Focus. You need a strong and %rm mind to pursue any business in this competitive world. You have to have a high tolerance for risk. If you don’t, come
back tomorrow. You have to believe in yourself and focus on what you do. Many
days, all other elements of your business will let you down. If you can’t believe in
yourself and keep your focus, there will be days when you won’t come back. You
have to love working. You’ll never work harder than when you own a business.
And I know this.
What have you sacriced (both personally and professionally) at each
stage of your career?
A lot. I was a night owl until I started my business. Today, I come back home with
a lot of unfininished business and I need to plan before the next day or week. In the
process, I have lost great friends. But come on, they appreciate that I need to
make them proud and I believe they wish me well.
What Do You Want on Your Resume in Two Years?
I want a list of accomplishments that illustrates my service to communities, people and businesses. I want to see the hundreds of people and businesses I servedsuccessfully. I want to see the billions translated into my successes.

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