Hymnodia Contestants Speak “Our Lives Will Never Be The Same Again!”

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“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quoted. Music is life and it enriches and uplifts the soul.

When the youths are given the privilege to showcase their skills, then the nation will develop in all ramifications of life. Hymnodia, the first ever reality show for hymns has created a platform for some talented youths to exhibit their vocal and musical abilities, while also learning life’s lessons.

Hymnodia, according to the creators of the show, Philosoville Limted, is the first ever Triple E (entertainment, education and edification) reality platform conceptualised around worship and hymns. It is redesigned to refocus the audience and society in celebrating the almost forgotten art and value of hymn-writing and renditions in diverse forms.

The reality show where the winning contestant, christened, hymntestant, will smile home with a whopping five million naira, a brand new car and an imposing trophy, The Asaph, has been airing on various stations across. The final scheduled for this week promises to fun-filled and exciting.

The Boss was specially invited into the hymnstitute and we spoke to the last seven hymntestants standing who revealed their experiences and the feeling of not being hymnvicted.

The first hymntestant Olumide Baritone revealed to us that he attained the name Baritone while singing professionally before he participated in the programme. He was optimistic about his chances.

Olumide Baritone

He revealed to us that he has learnt team work and may other things that will last him a life time while at the Hymnstitute.

Uduak Obong Akpan, told us that he too has been singing professionally beforehand back home in Akwa-Ibom State. He also shared with us his thoughts on how the other hymntestant were hymnvicted, that it was based on the judges view and voting online.

Uduak Obong Akpan

On his part, Kenneth Ekhumelo told us that if he emerges winner, he will develop a platform like this to discover raw talents.

He noted that hymns-singing should be encouraged and embraced by all. When asked what he would like to change on the platform, he revealed to TheBoss that he would like to stop the idea of the Wilderness Room, according to him; the wilderness room is for any of the hymntestant that goes against any rule of the house. It is a place of punishment and isolation. But he would have none of it because the Wilderness Room affected some emotionally during the programme.

Kenneth Ekhumelo

Jemine Edukugho told us that she is very sure of herself becoming the winner of the reality show because she has all it takes to outshine the others. She told us that despite the shortcomings that she had overcome during her stay in the house, she will win.

She was full of praise for the instructors whom, in her view, have been very inspirational. “They have blessed us in many ways, they corrected with the fear of God and with joy”

Jemine Edukugho

“Here, we are a family and family members love themselves despite any ups and downs, we are encouraged to love one another as God loves us” Rachael Darley told TheBoss.

She also added that despite the competitions among them, it has not led to any form of bitterness or enmity.

When asked about her personality before now and after her experience in the house, she stated “I was a very timid person. Always quiet and easy-going, but during my stay here, I have been able to change many things in my life. I relate to others well without any problem and I am more confident and open”.

Rachael Darley

Mrs Mobolanle Oladimeji revealed to TheBoss that came all the way from Zaria, Kaduna State to Lagos just to participate. She said her family had to make major adjustments and her husband has been very supportive.

She revealed that she had to adapt to the rules and changes in situations due to unavailability of mobile devices to reach family and friends.

She also told us that her experience in music was fondly based around church ministration but now she has learnt many new things that have improved her knowledge .

Mrs Mobolanle Oladimeji

Abigael Nnadi talked much about the journey so far, insisting that the last few weeks have not been easy.

She said that she was impressed by the camaraderie in thhe fact that they are all fighting for one prize.

Abigael Nnadi

For her the experience has been a great eye-opener. My life will not be the same again. Praising God is what I do best and Hymnodia has enabled me do this in a bigger and better way.

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