Life Coach: Have the Courage: Ride on the Wings of the Eagle, Take the Courage of the Morning

By Lamide Adenuga

Have the courage. Have the courage. Have the courage. Never forget those words, it’s coming from deep down in my heart, straight from me to you. Have the courage.
One thing that I have realized is that it takes courage to live life, it takes courage to be successful in life, it takes courage to live your dreams, it takes courage to bring out your greatness, it takes courage to manifest your potentials, it takes courage to have a drive in life, to go after your dreams, it takes courage to chase after your destiny, it takes courage to keep waking up every day, going out, and believing that today will be better, so you need to HAVE THE COURAGE. Ride on the wings of the eagle, take the courage of the morning. The morning comes out everyday no matter what, it finds its way out, and it confronts the challenges of the day.

Have you ever taken the time out to ask yourself what your life will be like if you don’t care what people say or think about you, and you decide to go all out for your dreams, and chase after your destiny, you are ready to try what everybody said cannot be done.
What will your life be like if you decide to give up some of your fears and despondence, and you choose to have a little bit of courage, just a little more courage than you presently have will push you on and drive you to do things that even you thought could not be done. You need to make that choice and be courageous.

It takes courage to decide to live and keep on living, it takes courage to push on in life, it takes courage to be happy, it takes courage to succeed, it takes courage to thrive, it takes courage to be successful, it takes courage to charge towards your dreams, it takes courage to be beaten and still refuse to give up, it takes courage to fail and still choose to try again.
You need to have the courage to do something worthwhile in life, you need to have the courage to arrive at someplace in life, you need to have the courage to achieve your dreams and goals. Be strong and be courageous.

Get rid of self defeating and self resignation behaviors, attitudes and statements. Statements like; what’s the point? I can’t do it, this is beyond me. Get rid of such statements and be positive, speak in the affirmative, speak possibility, speak positivity, be courageous.

So dear friend, you need to build up yourself, have the courage to step up and to step out, to approach that multinational corporation with your business proposal, to go for that audition, to begin your business, to apply for that job again, to sit for that exam again, to push forward again, and to keep going towards the direction of your dreams.
Have the courage.

Lamide Adenuga is an author and an International Conference Speaker who believes that the right mentality can power anyone to success; an ideas man who is out to transform people and places he comes in contact with.

He is a Business Development Consultant/Business Management Consultant, a well sought out for motivational and inspirational Speaker, and a Business Coach to entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and business starters. He is also an Angel of strategy and organization and has featured on Radio and Television shows severally.
Lamide is a Public Relations Specialist and has written articles in various newspapers, journals and magazines. He is a Personal Effectiveness columnist in OVATION International Magazine. He is also a Television host with his Motivational telecast, “MAKING THINGS HAPPEN” on WAP TV.
Facebook page – Lamide Adenuga Speaks. Twitter – LammyMotivates
You can reach him on +234-8032454647

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