Defining True Womanhood with Madam Modesty

By Edaki Timothy

There are very few people who frolic this earth and make immeasurable, unquantifiable inputs. Usually, we shower encomiums on people when the cold hands of death snatch them away from our love and tears fill our eyes but what is life if we do not showcase brilliant minds living among us. It is therefore highly imperative and quintessential that we open up to the world well deserving individuals among us.

Mrs. Okoye

One prominent individual readily comes to mind, Madam Modesty, a socialite, entrepreneur and a high standing woman in the eye of society. Everything about this lady reeks of exquisiteness, beauty and most obviously, a love and bubbling desire to make a difference in the world, especially in the life of her female counterparts.

Madam Modesty with Mrs. Lace
Mrs. Maureen Lace with Toyin Nwakire

The name itself, Madam Modesty suggests one who has climbed the highest rung of life’s ladder and yet still manages to remain clear-headed and humble.

It was this love, the love for women and society, this desire to put action to words and begin to create a small coterie of not just high-standing society’s women but women ready to make a difference in their world that prompted her to establish the Women and Modesty Foundation sometime in 2013.

Madam Modesty with Mrs. Maris Aluede

Her dress sense if it comes under scrutiny would over and over again, for the umpteenth time tell those who know her that she is not one to be half-clad or flamboyantly dressed. She takes time to adorn herself with beautiful traditional attires while she dowers her hair with the rarest but most gorgeous hairdos, scents and pomades. One would readily recall how some years back she was in the news because of how she carefully martialed her points on how young women should dress.

Uzo Orakwe

Her smile shines as the stars on a moonless night, her gait depicts a woman of excellence, her poise is regal but the interesting thing is that she doesn’t exhibit any form of pride, pomposity or arrogance. She is undeniably down to earth and humble.

Madam Modesty and friend

Madam Modesty is best known for her beauty, brains and benevolence. She is the perfect description of one that all and sundry should emulate. She is the epitome of what womanhood should be and what every woman should aspire to become.

Ella Chibugo Eze

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