Friday Sermon: Palestine: A Century of Wrongs

By Babatunde Jose Everyone is crying out for peace but none is crying’ out for justice. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die (for the rest of Jesus); everybody wants to go up to heaven but none of them, want to die. What is due to Caesar, you better give it […]

Friday Sermon: Our Youths: Paradise Lost

By Babatunde Jose In times like these, we need a Savior In times like these, we need an anchor Travelling across the Sahara Desert with a view to crossing the Mediterranean into Europe is not a new phenomenon. It started years back with the deterioration of the country’s economy and the lackadaisical attitude of our […]

Friday Sermon: Culture of Protest

By Babatunde Jose “0 Prophets “you are not to use your authority or influence over your people to acquire benefits for yourselves. You are to use for your own persons, that which the law permits and must act appropriately in accordance with law on all occasions.” (Quran 23: 51) There are ominous signs in the horizon […]

Friday Sermon: Monuments of Waste 5: Wasted Faith

By Babatunde Jose Last week, a reader concluded in exasperation that: “The passivity of the 180 million Nigerians, young and old, is largely due to our faith in divine intervention as indoctrinated by our various religions.  LET NIGERIANS CONTINUE TO PRAY whilst NIGERIA continues to …” His conclusion is germane to the discussion under review. Our […]

Friday Sermon: Monuments of Waste 4: A Wasted Generation

By Babatunde Jose Reacting to last week’s posting, a reader pointed to the need to look at the plight of 180 million abandoned Nigerians who today are languishing in poverty and squalor; a collateral ‘damage’ of the huge wastage of our ‘God given’ resources. In ‘The Last Show of a Wasted Generation’, Adeola Aderounmu berated the […]

Friday Sermon: Monuments of Waste 3

By Babatunde Jose Nigeria will not cease to amaze discerning observers; few countries have as much epitaphs of waste and abandoned projects as we have. The landscape of this country is littered with over 20,000 abandoned projects or ‘epitomes of waste’. Everywhere you look the eyesores convey a country festooned with a political class for […]

Friday Sermon: Monument of Waste 2

By Babatunde Jose “Verily, the spendthrifts are brothers of the Shayatin (devils), and the Shaitan is ever ungrateful to his Lord.”(Quran 17: 27-27) A nation will enjoy glory and exaltation if it is characterised by a number of qualities, the most important of which is moderation in consumption. By contrast, extravagance, wasting of wealth and […]

COSON Kick-starts Mega Week with COSON in the Church, Canvasses Nigeria’s Unity

By Eric Elezuo                                                                        Photos: Funmi Adeyemi The much publicized COSON Week, a yearly mega weeklong activity of the Copyright Society […]

Friday Sermon: Monument of Waste 1

By Babatunde Jose The world today celebrates superficiality and excess, placing greater value on material possessions and frivolities. We often concern ourselves more with what others think of us, what we own, and our outward appearance, and less with that which pleases Allah the Almighty, which would do us the most good in this life […]

Friday Sermon: Contentment

By Babatunde Jose Whatever things you have been given for the life of this world are merely (temporary) gratification and vanity: that which is with Allah is better and more lasting– will you not use your reason? (Quran 28:60) Contentment is a strange concept in a world fuelled by ambition. Ambition can be positive, and often […]

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