Tottenham Fined Over Late Start Against Ajax, Poch Dodges Touchline Ban

UEFA have fined Tottenham Hotspur €15,000 over two Champions League incidents.

This first fine €10,000  came after the UEFA found Spurs culpable of delaying the start to the second half against Ajax in the first leg. The remaining €5,000 is due to a pitch invasion from Spurs supporters after defeating Man City, at the Etihad, in the quarterfinal.

Tottenham were among several clubs fined by UEFA for infractions committed during the tournament. Barcelona were also punished for their group stage match against Spurs, in which they were said to be ill-prepared, as well as for attacks on traveling fans by security.

According to the AP, Tottenham supporters caught the incident on video, and the footage was circulated through social media.

Spurs’ fine is the latest in a long line of strange rulings from UEFA, who have always deemed it necessary to punish clubs for minor infractions while allowing more serious allegations to go unchecked.

Spurs also kicked off a game late in the group stage, which resulted in the Mauricio Pochettino’s first infraction. Managers are held responsible for the timely start and restart of any match.

After a second incident, Pochettino was given a one-match ban by the ruling body. However, the touchline ban is delayed for a year and will not affect his sideline presence for the Champions League final. Can you imagine if they tried to ban the gaffer for the final? That decision would have most likely incited a riot.

Tottenham play Liverpool on June 1 having fought their way through the tournament, beating Dortmund, Man City and Ajax in the knockout rounds.

This is the first time the club has reached the final of the competition, and the squad and manager are thrilled about the prospect of lifting football’s most prestigious trophy aloft.


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