Why Buhari Did not Appear for Presidential Debate

Facts have emerged as to why the All Progressives Congress APC candidate refused to attend the presidential debate.

It was learnt that Buhari was advised by his campaign team to stay away from the debate after what was perceived as a poor outing on Wednesday’s town hall meeting titled, ‘The Candidate’, which was moderated by ace journalist, Kadariah Ahmed.

At the town hall meeting which Buhari attended alongside Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, the President failed to properly answer some questions asked, causing the Vice-President to bail him out on several occasions.

A source close to Buhari said, “The President wanted to come but you can see that he is not ready to debate some people. It is better for him to miss the debate so that his words would not be used against him. After all, silence cannot be quoted.”

The source said the President had already told Nigerians what he wanted to do at the last town hall and that was enough.

“You want the President to go up against motivational speakers who do this for a living? You want him to give them a platform to lambast him? No way! The elections will be won on the field and not on a podium.”

Atiku, it was learnt, had arrived from the United States at least four hours before the event.

He proceeded to the Transcorp Hotel where the event was taking place but immediately it was discovered that Buhari would not be attending the event, he made a u-turn and stormed out of the event.

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