Potentiality Digest: Ponder on Your Driving Force

By Sodeeq Abdulakeem Sulyman
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire.” – Aristotle
It is one of the human inclinations to be comfortable with time, condition or situation, until a new stimulus stir us to feel or realise that we have to move on from where we currently are. Don’t be too timid or discouraged about life to the extent that you will loose both the internal and external strengths you need to ignite in yourself, the flame of purpose that only you can spark to a cause or causes in the direction of your dream.
Have you ever wondered why some people get things done beyond their colleagues, friends or associates? One of their secrets is that they consistently ponder on their driving force. It may be inspiration, motivation or both. And ultimately, there is nothing that can stop you if you are the type that uses both – inspiration and motivation. Get this right: Inspiration is the thought that fuels your energy towards what you desire; motivation is the energy that drives your desires.”
There is no doubt that it is not everyone that starts life on a silver platter, we are not all born into the famous family we wished we could have been born or we are not all fed with a silver spoon like some of our friends enjoyed. Don’t let negativity sink into your head and heart. Someone affirmed that “If there is no enemy within, no enemy outside can do you hurt.” If you can use the inadequacies and insufficiencies in your life as triggers to change your history, you will find yourself on a plateau where you can experience the bliss of life.
One of the things you must get right as you are traveling through this complex and arduous journey called life is that you must clearly know what inspires, motivates, ignites and prompts your actions in life. If you don’t have any, you will hardly take action on anything. If you look at the lives of successful people, you will discover that what their actions are always premised on what they lived to correct, amend, revive or changed with their lives.
Jim Rohn says, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” Great people programmed their lives to occupy the space they intend to fill, they fashion their daily actions and activities to express what they have burning desires for and designed their living to be a reliable source of physical and mental reincarnation, anytime they encounter trials of life.
There is no assurance that you will get what you want in life, but there is every assurance that you will get you are in life. This is because what you want is there for you to aspire, but what you get is there to reveal to you what you truly are at the time. So, if you don’t want to spend the whole of your life in illusion, you must find what keeps you going because that’s where the illumination for your time in this earthly plane revolves.
Rejections, stumbling blocks have been the driving force for some people to make meanings with their lives. To them, the golden words by someone that “The bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you refuse to take the turn.” An unfavourable outcome of life’s adventure doesn’t become the final say in life. Nevertheless, it may become the final say if one has allowed different unfavourable outcomes to pin one to stagnation by sapping and draining one’s energy towards a course, pursuit and purpose in life.
Successes may also be a driving force in someone’s life. Your parents may have recorded enviable footprints in their endeavours in life and you inspire yourself to beat their records, or it may also be you yourself working earnestly and assiduously to beat your past accomplishments. Deep down yourself, you have acknowledged how far you have gone and keep being proud of yourself. But because you know that there are enormous amount of potential in you you can still unleashed, it becomes your driving force.
Never use other people’s lives as the metrics to determine how your own life will be lived, how the events in your life will unfold. This is because at various points and stages in life, what awakens the giant in everyone of us is different and you will never imprint your mark of giantness in life until you identify what drives you and align with it in order to create and live the life you envisioned.
Now take this moment to ask yourself what you driving force is; what is the motivating factor that glued your interest in what you believed and what is the inspiration that fuels your energy and greases your andrenaline to make your pursuit a worthy cause for you. Ponder on it, that is what should be giving you hope, that where your aspirations should be kindled even when the whole world is filled with darkness.
SULYMAN, Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Author. He can be reached via +2348132226994. His new book titled: “The Path to Greatness,” foreword by Henry Ukazu, President and Founder of GLOEMI Inc., The Bronx, New York City, USA, is now available on https://bit.ly/Amzn-HS-TP2G

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