A Dive into the World of Automobiles in Nigeria

The world of automobile demand and supply chain have evolved in recent years where buyers and sellers of automobiles are primarily concerned about the satisfaction of their users and leaving a long lasting Impression in the mind of these users/buyers.

In contemporary times, buyers/patronizers of MVF automobiles are concerned about the trustworthiness of foreign sellers with regards to the working condition of the vehicle as a result of the absences of first hand inspection before shipping the vehicle to domestic country where final user will have access to inspection and final purchase. Narratives are often changed when accidental vehicles are imported and packaged as good conditioned vehicle which leaves wrong impression in the minds of buyers of these automobiles. These supposed vehicles which ought to be presented as semi brand new vehicle ought to run with minimal mechanical assistance in its first six to eight months of purchase; in situations where reverse is found to be the case, such auto dealer trustworthiness is compromised because bed testimonies received by a particular user on way or the other snowball to other users thereby creating a bad market for such dealer which further degenerate into a situation where buyers of automobiles go for certified dealer with proved track records by avoiding the process of buyers being accompanied by mechanics and auto inclined individuals to verify the durability of the engine, body and general well-being of the vehicle.
In other case, dealers give buyers some sought of guarantee on servicing, body fixing and replacement of damaged parts for a period of time usually between six to twelve months or as the agreement may be usually commencing from the time of purchase.

The future of automobile deal involving sales and purchase of vehicle is absolutely bright considering all factors; conditions and situation ranging from government policies to individual buying decision and environmental condition.
MVF autos keys into the future where everyone’s desired class, design and preference of automobile will be gotten without through a long process of shopping experience.

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