Letter from an English School

To all members of the School community – pupils, staff and parents:

We are all facing a great deal of uncertainty in our lives at the moment whether that be with our academic work, our families, our jobs or our future plans. At such times, we naturally focus on what really is most important – our families and our health and it’s also so important to hold fast to our core values and our sense of School community and togetherness. During these challenging times we have drawn together a number of principles, based on our existing core values, which will inform our actions as a School over the coming period.


 We ask everyone – pupils, parents and staff to look out for each other. To stay connected via technology, to play their part in being part of our community

 Now we are likely to be in our homes and living so closely with our family so much more than usual, kindness to each other has never been so important

 We recognise that many in the Charterhouse community – pupils, parents and staff – will face significant personal challenges ahead. As a cohesive School community, we are committed to a personal, compassionate, flexible and caring approach to these challenges whatever and wherever they may be

 We will as a priority provide support for all our staff as they in turn will be dedicated to providing outstanding service to the School in exceptional times

 When our students return to campus we want them to return to the same school they left in March, with the same teachers and staff.


We will provide the very best educational experience for our pupils in academic, pastoral, co-curricular, moral and spiritual terms

 We will not give up or say things are too difficult, and we will approach all challenges as they come with positivity and resilience. We have been here for over 400 years and it’s our responsibility as the current incumbents to persevere and endure

 Working from home is not always easy, it requires more focus and self-discipline than when in the classroom or in School. It’s challenging to stay academically focused with uncertainty all around, but there are also great opportunities

 We must ‘control the controllables’ and all continue to work towards important assessments during the course of next Quarter.


 The months ahead will require new ways of working for pupils and staff

 We will all have to be flexible and adapt to new requirements whether that be the timing of assessments and exams, our day-to-day routines or where we are working

 ‘How can I make this work?’ is always a better starting point than ‘This will never work’!

Responsibility & Moral Courage

 We will all play our individual and collective part as members of staff and pupils and, more widely as citizens, to behave responsibly and considerately to help us all get through this challenging time

 We recognise that it is at times of greatest challenge that we learn most and learn most about ourselves

 We ask that the whole community – staff, pupils and parents do whatever they can to help with this.

The team of teachers (many of whom live on site) and our support staff will be here over the coming months to support our pupils and work tirelessly to deliver the education into our pupils’ homes. We have already had a fantastic response from the staff and we will be working this week and beyond to prepare for next Quarter’s on-line classroom teaching, pastoral and tutoring support and an adapted co-curricular programme.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support

With warmest wishes

Yours sincerely

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