Nigeria’s Challenge is not Wealth Creation, but Wealth Distribution – Sowore

By Eric Elezuo

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, has said that the major challenge facing the nation has nothing to with wealth creation, but wealth distribution while frowning at a situation where a senator takes home a whopping N14 million monthly while an average workers goes home a paltry N27, 000 as being proposed by the National Council of States.

“It takes 38 years for an average worker earning N30,000 minimum wage to make the N14 million earned by a Senator in one month. There is no way we can accept an illegality. They are not supposed to take more than N1 million per month. We have a court to challenge it and if we can’t challenge them, we will drop them”, he stated.

He stressed that he will be totally involved in his government and would not run a government of body language while also promising to light up Nigeria and invest about $10 billion in the power sector by generating thousands of megawatts of electricity.

Sowore was speaking while answering questions from Kadaria Abdullahi during a live Town Hall meeting tagged The Candidates with his running mate Dr. Rabiu Ahmed Rufai on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA).

While promising to ‘weed’ out the over ‘500, 000 ghost workers’ in the civil service, Sowore clarified his stand on marijuana, saying the drug is medicinal and could rake in a lot of revenue for the nation.

“There is marijuana everywhere, cannabis is a medicinal plant. The NDLEA is burning and destroying many of it every time. But Canada is in need of it for positive use. Marijuana is medicinal. But I’ve never taken marijuana, I’ve never smoked before”, he said.

Insinuating his non-readiness to accept the election results should his party loses, he said “if the elections are free and fair, there is no way we will lose.”



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