Leke Alder Identifies Irregularities Ravaging Nigeria, Proffers Solutions

The Principal Consultant, Alder Consultant, Mr. Leke Alder, has identified what he referred as Federated Irregularities plaguing Nigerians, in a 16 page paper he delivered on The Platform, Covenant Christian Centre, Iganmu, Lagos.

Alder identified three emotions associated with Nigerians as FRUSTRATION, ANGER and DEPRESSION, saying that they should not be allowed to immobilise  the generation of youths and place them in a state of comatose.

“As potent as these emotions are however, we cannot, must not allow themto immobilise us and render us comatose as a generation. There’s something incongruous about youth giving up on life. Youth is supposed to be hungry for life. If we give up on our country we give up on our patrimony and destiny,” he said.

In his analysis, he identified the illogicalities to include conceptual, demographic and religious.

Below is the full details of Leke Alder’s submission in PDF format:

LEKE_ALDER_The Platform_Federated Illogicalities


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