Waste War: Visionscape, PSP Reach Amicable Agreement

This resolution comes after months of negotiations, and barely a week after the PSP operators opted to partner with Visionscape Sanitation Solutions to clear up the backlog of waste in the State.

Speaking with the media after the exercise on Thursday, a representative from a contributing waste collection operator, Mr. Hafis Kasumu said: “We have decided to support the government in the initiative to get rid of the waste. And also, to partner with Visionscape. So, it is a partnership and we are doing it together.”

The resolution will see the PSP operators, now referred to as waste collection operators (WCO), continue residential waste collection, while Visionscape Sanitation Solution deepens its work to develop the infrastructure needed to facilitate an effective integrated waste management system. One of these is the critical construction of engineered landfills across the state to prevent environmental disasters like the recent Olusosun dumpsite fire.

Also highlighted in the new agreement is that Visionscape will serve as the central processing hub of municipal solid waste within Lagos State. The company will engage PSPs on long-term service arrangements and will pay them for their service.

This new direction will ensure that all arms of the CLI is able to deliver optimal results that will raise Lagos State’s waste management process to globally acceptable standards.

With countries like Rwanda already exploring e-waste management facility and commercial composting, it is essential that the State accelerates the development of its waste management infrastructure, which Visionscape has concession of. The company has reaffirmed its commitment to leading the concerted effort towards an environmentally sustainable Lagos State.



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